A Glimpse into Madness

The Investigators of Arkham Horror Is Now Available at Retailers

"Those who dare investigate these incidents witness the inexplicable. Having seen such phenomena, they can never regain their old view of the world. Now that they know the hideous truth, they cannot run or hide from it."
     –The Investigators of Arkham Horror

Steel yourself for a test to your sanity. Once you gaze upon the face of madness, you will never be the same again. Your old worldview will crumble, shattered by the horrifying realization that we humans are not alone.

The Investigators of Arkham Horror is now available at retailers throughout the United States. Availability in other regions may vary.

We are but insignificant motes in a vast and frightening universe. The only reason we don't recoil in terror from the unfathomable denizens of the other worlds and dimensions that border upon our own is because we lack the means to perceive them. But at times, we may witness traces of their passing through our world—Strange sounds in the dark. Women and children gone missing. Alien incantations in rare and ancient tomes. Nightmarish dreams of unnatural clarity.

While most of us dismiss these anxieties as foolishness, there are some who explore them to uncover the hidden truths the rest of us fear to face. Their stories are full of heroism, mystery, and madness. And for the first time, you can learn more about them than ever before…

In the Grip of an Unshakeable Truth

Over the course of its beautifully illustrated 264 full-color pages, The Investigators of Arkham Horror immerses you in the action, terror, and mythos of the Arkham Horror Files setting. You'll find your favorite investigators thrust into action in a series of fifty-two short stories that serve as the backstory to your next Arkham Horror Files game.

Why does Dr. Vincent Lee fear Arkham isn't the quaint and quiet old town he'd hoped it would be? And what has driven him to investigate the series of "mysterious" deaths to which the chief physician and police have already ascribed various causes? What price did expedition leader Leo Anderson pay for his pursuit of the rare artifact, Olosopha's Almanac? How were the expedition's injuries connected to the mysteries of R'lyeh? And what do the answers to these questions mean to your next experience as Leo Anderson in Arkham Horror or Eldritch Horror?

Since The Investigators of Arkham Horror leads you deeper into the Arkham Horror Files setting through narratives, rather than exposition, you will not only learn more about your favorite investigators, but you'll step momentarily into their shoes. You'll walk through the streets of Arkham; wend your way through the dark, New England, hillside woods; and browse the musty aisles and rare books of Miskatonic's infamous Orne Library. You'll learn more about these locations first-hand by visiting them. And you'll catch glimpses of things you can't easily explain.

While the stories from The Investigators of Arkham Horror are not linked by plot, you may find certain recurring themes. Strange markings in the woods and upon the bodies of the deceased. Ominous behavior among the privileged elite who are able to set themselves apart from the rest of the city and its concerns. Hints at alien worlds and unknown creatures that become increasingly difficult to ignore. Who are the Ancient Ones? Over the course of fifty-two stories, you'll approach a new understanding of these terrifying entities—one born of a gradual awakening to the true nature of the universe…

Learn What You Can… Before It's Too Late

In all of our Arkham Horror Files games, you'll find malevolent forces performing unholy sacrifices and dark rituals. You'll find furtive cultists moving silently through the darkened streets. You'll encounter gruesome murders and otherworldly monsters. And there's always a reason to act swiftly: The ritual is nearly complete. The monsters are free to terrorize our world so long as the portal remains open to some other world. The Ancient Ones are stirring…

There's a reason to act swiftly now, too. The Investigators of Arkham Horror has made its way to retailers across the U.S., and its dark secrets are available to all. Make sure you arm yourself with the knowledge the book contains. Keep it out of reach of ghouls and the Order of the Silver Twilight. Head to your local retailer and pick up your copy today!

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