7 December 2017 | Battle for Rokugan

Conflict and Bloodshed

Battle for Rokugan Is Now Available


The Emerald Empire is filled with strife as the seven honorable clans clash and battle to become the dominant force of the realm. Each clan has selected a trusted daimyō to formulate their military strategies and lead their forces to victory. Now, your fight for honor and glory begins: Battle for Rokugan is on sale now at your local retailer and online through our website!

The Forces Gather

In Battle for Rokugan, two to five players become the Rokugani daimyō who fight for control of the Emerald Empire in the name of their clan. Over the course of five rounds, these daimyō must gather resources, formulate military strategies, and battle with rival clans. Starting at the beginning of the game, you and those destined to become your rivals each pledge your swords to one of the seven honorable clans, claiming that clan's special ability, daimyō screen, and combat and control tokens.

Once you've gained the boons of your chosen clan, you'll draw a secret objective card and begin to lay claim to the bountiful land of the Emerald Empire by placing control tokens in unclaimed provinces. Each of these areas provides you with different amounts of honor—which in Battle for Rokugan is the ultimate measure of a true leader. When the conflicts and bloodshed are over, the most honorable daimyō shall win the day, proving that their clan is the worthiest of the Emperor’s favor and best equipped to guide Rokugan into a new age of peace and prosperity.

The Conflict Commences

Each round of Battle for Rokugan consists of three phases: upkeep, placement, and resolution. During the upkeep phase, you determine the first player for the round by drawing from the initiative deck. Next, you draw a secret hand of six combat tokens that will provide your resources for the duration of the round. With these combat tokens, you will strengthen the defenses of your provinces, seek diplomatic resolutions or divine intervention, bluff your rivals, assemble your military forces, and prepare raiding parties. This is also the time when you can use the powers of territories already under your control by playing territory cards: powerful abilities that you receive as a reward for controlling all of the provinces within a territory.

From left to right: Blessing, Diplomacy, Army, Navy, Raid, Shinobi, Bluff.

Once all the daimyō have taken stock of their resources, you lay your battle plans during the placement phase. Here, you'll distribute your forces by placing combat tokens on the map. For an in-depth look at the different combat tokens at your disposal and their effects, you can view our previous article here. During this phase, reading your enemies' intentions is key. As all combat tokens are placed facedown, there is no certain way of knowing whether your rival is sending an army to your province (and if so, how strong it is), or whether they are bluffing. Truly wise daimyō must be able to divide truth from fiction.

All truths come to light when the combat tokens are revealed during the resolution phase. To resolve a battle, the invading daimyō weighs the strength of their armies against those of the defender, who may bolster their defenses with bonuses from their control tokens. You can find a closer look at these confrontations, including battle examples, in our resolution phase preview here. Once strengths have been totaled, the strongest clan wins the conflict and comes one step closer to victory.

Phoenix and Scorpion attack Dragon's province, which Dragon defends. With the strongest total force, Scopion wins the battle.

The Dust Settles

When the resolution phase ends, the victorious daimyō claim the spoils of war. If you control all of the provinces within a territory, you'll gain the territory card for that region, offering an edge that you may use during the next round. Alternatively, should you fail your clan and lose all provinces under your control, you'll become a wandering ronin. In this event, the only way to regain your land and honor is to strike anywhere you see an opportunity. Ronin can place combat tokens on any border during the placement phase until they have reclaimed a province to act as the base of their clan.

Unicorn is ronin and may attack any border, in this case targeting Scorpion and Crab.

After all the bloodshed and shifting areas of control, the daimyō must reach a peace and declare a winner at the end of five rounds. At this time, the player who has earned the most honor by conquering provinces and territories and completing their secret objective will earn the favor of the Emperor and be granted supremacy over the Emerald Empire in the name of their clan. Only one daimyō will conquer Rokugan and lead their clan to glory. Gather your wits and employ all your cunning to ensure that that leader is you.

The Victor Rises

Fight for the honor of your clan. The land is yours to claim. Take control of the Emerald Empire and win the Battle for Rokugan!

Pick up Battle for Rokugan (L5B01) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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