Honor, Loyalty, Duty

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"Honor. Dishonor. Am I a traitor? Whom would I be a traitor to?"
–Bayushi Yojiro, "Honor, Loyalty, Duty"

In the land of Rokugan, honor is stronger than steel. A samurai serves their clan with honor. But what happens when duty demands dishonor? This is an internal conflict the Scorpion Clan knows well, and few feel this tension more than Bayushi Yojiro, the one known as the Honest Scorpion. Preferring the stone face of a magistrate to the masks of the Scorpion, Yojiro is about to have his loyalty put to the test. What will become of Bayushi Yojiro when he must choose between his clan and his honor?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present “Honor, Loyalty, Duty”  by Mari Murdock, a new piece of fiction set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings. “Honor, Loyalty, Duty” focuses on the Scorpion Clan and can be downloaded here (1.2 MB).

The Honest Scorpion

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Striking a balance between the concepts of Bushidō is not easy, and it is a challenge that all samurai must face. What decisions await the one known as the Honest Scorpion?

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