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“They shuddered as they recalled tales of Old Whateley’s youth, and of the strange things that are called out of the earth when a bullock is sacrificed at the proper time to certain heathen gods.”
     –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

Greetings, investigators!

Once more, the hidden powers and sinister cultists of the world have begun their foul rituals. Once again, small tears have begun to appear in the thin and tattered veil that separates our world from those worlds of other dimensions too terrible to behold. Once again, we find ourselves beset by the gibbous, many-mawed, and many-tentacled terrors from beyond. Once again, Arkham Horror: The Card Game beckons to us.

We are being summoned. Only together—combining our skills, our wits, and our courage—do we stand a chance of surviving and forestalling the ruination headed our way. Don't worry that you are an unlikely hero; we are all unlikely heroes. Come join us, and help save the world.

Find an Arkham Horror: The Card Game Invocation Event near you!

What Is the Invocation?

The Invocation is a unique opportunity for you to head to your favorite local retailer, join forces with other fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and revel in the game's pulp action and eerie, Lovecraftian mysteries.

At your Invocation Event, you might find other players waiting to tackle the challenges of a standalone scenario like Curse of the Rougarou or Carnevale of Horrors. Or, your Invocation Event might serve as the first in a series of weekly game nights, over the course of which you and your fellow investigators might try to solve the mysteries of the Night of the Zealot or The Dunwich Legacy.

Either way, you'll find your Invocation Event supported by an Invocation Kit that includes custom playmats and alternate art investigator cards for participants.

  • The alternate art investigator and mini cards for Daisy Walker (Core Set, 2) prepare you for the action to come. No longer is she closed up around the rare tome that she clutches close to her chest. Rather, we find her browsing a bookshelf by candlelight, presumably without the owner's knowledge.
  • And if Daisy's new card art speaks to her courage and resolve, the Invocation playmat whispers—or mutters, or howls—of the terrors that await you. Do you really want to enter that abandoned house? Do you really think your shotgun will protect you? Inspired by The Labyrinths of Lunacy, the Invocation playmat reminds you that the horrors of Arkham Horror: The Card Game can shatter your sanity just as easily as they can rend your flesh.

The Invocation Event's flexibility makes it an excellent opportunity for newer players to dive into the game, but it also represents a chance for veteran investigators to shine their flashlights into the darkest corners of Arkham—and discover any number of surprising twists.

Deliver Your Ultimatum

At the Invocation Event, even as you're battling monsters, resisting the corrupting influence of sinister magic, and scouring each new location for clues, you risk finding your games steered in new directions by the strange, overriding effects of several new Ultimatums introduced as optional rules.

Each Ultimatum is a restriction, limitation, or additional rule that makes the game harder for you and your group of investigators. You should think carefully about which Ultimatum—or Ultimatums—you'll use, because once your group has agreed to one, it is permanent throughout the duration of your event, including all scenarios that event encompasses.

For instance, you could play the standalone Curse of the Rougarou with the Ultimatum of Dread, which states that you do not skip the mythos phase in the first round of the game.

Or, you could use your Invocation Event to launch into The Path to Carcosa campaign with the Ultimatum of Survival looming over your head. While the mysteries of The King in Yellow are hidden before you, this Ultimatum lends additional color and import to all of your doubts and convictions, even as you delve deeper into the secrets guarded by the campaign's Cultists, Monsters, and Lunatics.

Altogether, the Invocation Event Outline identifies ten different Ultimatums that you can use at any of the game's difficulty levels. Importantly, these Ultimatums don't just add new difficulty, they reshape your games, mandating new approaches and ensuring that your Invocation games stand apart from those you play without Ultimatums.

The Truths You Will Never Unlearn

Head to an Invocation Event near you, and you'll uncover the hidden truths of the Arkham Horror Files universe. We are not alone in the universe. We aren't the sole authors of human history. And there's far more to the universe than our five senses and our science can detect.

Yet there are other truths you'll discover as well. The human spirit is a tremendous thing. Even a flawed investigator can make a difference. And you are not alone in your struggles.

There are other investigators ready to join you against the nefarious cultists and otherworldly terrors of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Head to our Invocation Event page to find the venue nearest you!

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