9 November 2017 | Mansions of Madness

Take to the Streets

The Streets of Arkham Expansion Is Now Available


 “…witch-cursed, legend-haunted Arkham, whose huddled, sagging gambrel roofs and crumbling Georgian balustrades brood out the centuries beside the darkly muttering Miskatonic.”
   –H.P. Lovecraft, “The Thing on the Doorstep”

The things that dwell in darkness have broken the hold that once kept them confined to the mansions, and they now infest the Streets of Arkham! The Streets of Arkham expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition is on sale now!

Defenders Unite

In this expansion, you will find new, beautifully illustrated map tiles to build out the city of Arkham, along with new monsters, cards, and faces. Streets of Arkham unites four brave investigators already known in the Arkham Horror Files universe who have never yet been seen in Mansions of Madness. The enchanting entertainer from the bayou, Marie Lambeau, has the ability to start every performance by casting a spell at the start of her turn. The rookie cop Tommy Muldoon arrived in Arkham straight from police training in Boston, with little more than his gumption and his trusty rifle, Becky. Miss Diana Stanley has escaped the Order of the Silver Twilight, but what she witnessed within the cult forever changed her and opened her mind to the arcane. Lastly, Finn Edwards—once the best bootlegger on the East Coast, but lately all of his deliveries are interrupted by unexplainable phenomena. Still, his life on the wrong side of the law has taught him to always keep one eye on the exit, making him one of the quickest moving investigators in the game.

Beyond enlarging your team and the areas that you can explore, Streets of Arkham introduces a new strategic element to gameplay in the form of elixirs. These chemical concoctions are double sided items that you may gain during your investigations. These items can fortify your being if you choose to drink them, improving a skill of your choice. However, imbibing a mysterious substance is bound to have unnatural side effects. If you choose to consume an elixir, you must flip the card and immediately resolve its effects—however horrific they may be.

Solve The Mystery

In the three brand-new scenarios introduced with Streets of Arkham, you and your team of investigators will explore Arkham’s underbelly, from smoky speakeasies and magic shops to the hidden back rooms of the Arkham Museum and the shadowy halls of Miskatonic University. In Gangs of Arkham, the Sheldon and O’Bannon gangs are on the brink of all-out war after a grisly murder shakes the city. The accusations fly as each gang believes that the other is guilty of the inhuman crime, but the true killer still hides in the darkness. It is up to you to solve the murder before the powder keg explodes and the citizens of Arkham are caught in the crossfire.

In Astral Alchemy, a note is delivered to your door from the rising star of Miskatonic University’s Department of Alchemy, Doctor Delphinia Bell. "Arkham is not safe. There is a threat approaching from the stars and I need your help to prepare. Meet me at the Science Building tonight or else we are all doomed." As a foreboding rumble shakes the ground, you must gather your supplies and head to the University. You can only pray that you are not too late to push back the astral abominations and protect the citizens of Arkham who sleep blissfully unaware of their own peril.

Lastly, danger visits Arkham from abroad in Ill-Fated Exhibit. The Miskatonic Museum is proud to unveil its newly acquired artifacts, but the upcoming event has been marred by a series of deaths and improbable accidents. The museum curator has called you in, strictly off the record, for your expertise in the unexplainable. It is up to you to deduce which artifact is responsible and destroy it before whatever dark power has hold over it can harm anyone else.

Protect The City

The fabric of reality is beginning to unravel and as the madness pushes into our realm, the citizens of Arkham become increasingly at risk. Gather your team of investigators and take on the creatures of darkness. Defend your city at all costs!

Pick up the Streets of Arkham (MAD25) expansion at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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