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For Honor and Glory Is Available Now for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


Though the seven Great Clans of Rokugan serve the Emperor with distinction and grace, they each go about it in their own way, whether it’s the duplicitous ways of the Scorpion or the gaijin customs of the Unicorn. With the upcoming tournament to determine a new Emerald Champion, the clans now have an opportunity to prove their superiority in a new way.

For Honor and Glory, the second Dynasty Pack in the Imperial Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, is available now! This Dynasty Pack features three copies each of twenty new cards, bringing even more Imperial cards to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

The Hierarchy

The Imperial Cycle also introduces a cycle of Magistrates—one for each Clan. While they're all different, they each restrict certain characters and skill boosts from participating in a conflict. As vital members of the social hierarchy, these Magistrates enforce the law in conflicts they are involved in.

The Stoic Magistrate  (For Honor and Glory, 23) comes from the Crab Clan, and eliminates the skill contribution of low-costed characters to a conflict. This can single-handedly disrupt foes who focus on playing many low-cost characters, like the Lion. The Stoic Magistrate also offers you an advantage if you're focusing on high-cost Crab characters. If you have the Stoic Magistrate on the field, your characters that cost two or less like the Vanguard Warrior  (Core Set, 30) can be used as a sacrifice for cards like the Steadfast Witch Hunter  (Core Set, 35) and  Funeral Pyre  (Core Set, 39). Meanwhile, your opponent’s low-cost characters will be unable to count their skill in a conflict with the Stoic Magistrate.

The Scorpion of course have their own Magistrate character in the form of Bayushi Yojiro  (For Honor and Glory, 28). Any character participating in a conflict with Bayushi Yojiro doesn't have its status token taken into account when calculating skill in a conflict. Not only does this significantly decrease the drawback of Scorpion characters who dishonor themselves for powerful effects, it also negates the benefits of your opponent’s honored characters. This can be devastating to clans like the Phoenix, whose high glory characters receive a massive boost from becoming honored, or the Crane, whose focus on honor is essential to their game plan. Seeing Bayushi Yojiro on the other side of the field can be a disheartening prospect for these noble clans.

The Path of Battle

Of course, other Clans have different methods of dealing with conflicts. The Dragon Clan are masters of physical techniques, able to shut down their foes with martial arts. High Kick  (For Honor and Glory, 34) completely stuns a character, provided you have a Monk participating in a military conflict. Bowing one of your Monks to play High Kick lets you bow an opponent’s character and prevent that character from triggering abilities. Ultimately, your refined Technique can make it very difficult for your opponent to use a bag of tricks.

The Unicorn, meanwhile take on a different approach. Working together with their impressive Cavalry, the Unicorn ride down their foes with unity and speed. The Shinjo Saddle  (For Honor and Glory, 39) perfectly encompasses this. As an attachment that can only be used by a Cavalry character, the Shinjo Saddle provides an additional military skill, and as an Action, it can be moved between Cavalry characters on the field. This means that if you consistently have Cavalry on the field, the Shinjo Saddle can stick around until the end of the game. Furthermore, moving it in the middle of a turn can mean you receive the skill boost multiple times a turn.

For Honor and Glory

No matter how your clan chooses to do battle, they each have tools that give them the edge—whether that's restrictive Magistrates, martial arts Techniques, or communal Items. Who will come out on top with the release of For Honor and Glory?

Take a stand and purchase For Honor and Glory (L5C03) from your local retailer today!

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