Service and Sacrifice

A New Tale Set in the World of Legend of the Five Rings


The paths we walk in life are not always clear. In the Emerald Empire, the threat of conflict looms over the Lion and Crane clans, growing darker each day, and those caught in the center collect their own tales of internal struggle. As the tales of the Emerald Empire continue to grow and take shape, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present "Service and Sacrifice," a new story by Mari Murdock set in the rich world of Legend of the Five Rings!

A High Price

“Service and Sacrifice” is a Lion Clan-centered fiction that follows “The Price of War.” This new fiction is available for download here (pdf, 0.4MB).

War makes enemies of friends and family. The ongoing dispute between the Lion and the Crane grows more heated, sowing distrust and tearing loved ones apart. None know this pain more deeply than the loyal Lion samurai Matoko, whose husband has defected to the Crane Clan, leaving her torn between the demands of her heart and her honor. But she knows that all live and die for Lion in their own way and she will sacrifice whatever it takes in service of honor.

But will her clan’s champion do the same?

In the North, the Lion champion Akodo Toturi prepares for his wedding to the graceful Pheonix, Isawa Kaede. The marriage is a union, a peace offering between Lion and Phoenix. This long-promised treaty will satisfy one call, but only leads to questions among the rising factions within the clan he is meant to lead. Every day that Toturi does not declare open war against the Crane, the deeper the chasm grows. Perhaps the champion’s last chance for unity rests with the approaching Emerald Championship. The office of the Emerald Champion is the greatest honor the Emperor can bestow on a clan, and with it comes the Hantei’s favor. But the duelists set to participate remain unknown. What if the Grey Crane, Kakita Toshimoko, makes an appearance? Will Akodo have the strength to honor his clan and prove his loyalty? Or will the distrust within the Lion shatter the clan and plunge Rokugan into chaos?

Choose Your Side

Experience the drama of "Service and Sacrifice." Learn the price of honor, and return to the Fantasy Flight Games website each week throughout the release of the Imperial Cycle for new stories and previews of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game and Battle for Rokugan!

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