2 October 2017 | Blood Bound

Seeking Truth, Sowing Chaos

Previewing the Inquisitors of Blood Bound


The conflict was inevitable, really. Ever since the insidious Gargoyle clan began conscripting more heavily, the cunning Phoenix clan had to keep pace. As a result, both clans swelled in number and territory too quickly, causing mistrust, infighting, and betrayal. The ensuing war destroyed countless immortals, and each clan’s losses were so great that the clan leaders were forced into hiding.

Only a few lucky souls managed to escape the carnage. Now, both clan leaders seek to gather the remnants of their sects. But who is a friend, and who a foe? As the conflict continues, the Secret Order works to maintain balance. If they must, they will send in an Inquisitor to prevent either clan from having an unfair advantage, keeping the numbers of each clan even. Still, their role does not prevent them from sowing a little extra chaos for their own enjoyment. As you search to find your hidden clan members and single out your enemies, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Inquisitors of Blood Bound!

Lies and Alibies

Blood Bound is social game of lies and deduction that pits six to twelve players against one another as they struggle to identify their allies and outwit their enemies. Players search for the enemy clan’s leader in the hopes of capturing them and ending the war that has nearly destroyed the two vampire clans. However, they must make their attacks carefully. If a vampire cannot tell their friends from their foes until it is too late, they can bring about the end of their own clan.

A single dagger serves as the weapon among the gathered clan members, passed to each in turn. Players learn who their enemies and allies are by executing attacks, forcing targets to reveal their affiliation or rank, while trying to avoid being attacked themselves. The Inquisitor’s strength is limited in that they cannot attack a player who has already suffered three wounds, but they do have a couple tricks up their sleeves to keep their identities hidden.

The more information a player reveals about themselves, the better equipped their enemies will be to make a strategic attack, and if their allies do not deem them valuable, they may not be inclined to intervene. The Inquisitor, however, has no allies. They belong to no clan. While each Inquisitor card bears either a phoenix or gargoyle clue icon, their loyalty belongs strictly to the Secret Order. As such, his or her affiliation icon is wild, indicated in the upper right section of the card beneath their rank. This allows them to take any type of affiliation token when suffering a wound. They can assuage the fears of wary clan members who suspect the Inquisitor is working against them, or throw a clan into chaos when one too many of their clan's affiliation tokens appear. 

Over the course of the game, all communication between players must be done in the open, and this is the Inquisitor’s greatest opportunity to further their goals. If they can plant the seed of doubt in the minds of even one or two select clan members, they can watch as the clans tear themselves apart and the Secret Order’s objective is secured.

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Every player in Blood Bound has a unique ability that can be used to rain destruction on their enemies or aide their allies, if they can determine which is which. Immediately after a player takes their rank token to suffer a wound during an attack, either as a target or the intervener, they may choose to use their character’s ability. When the Inquisitor uses their ability, they take all curse cards from the supply, look at them, and distribute them facedown to the players of their choosing. The Inquisitor’s goal is to give the True Curse ability card to the eventual victorious clan’s leader, thereby cursing them and winning the game. As a decoy though, the Inquisitor may use the False Curse card. It has no effect, but it can feed the paranoia that torments the other players. The Inquisitor must give each curse card to a different player, but they may distribute these cards in any order. Subsequently, players cannot look at any curse cards given to them, and all curse cards remain facedown until the end of the game.

A Bloody End

When including the Inquisitors, players still determine the victorious clan as normal: the game ends when one player becomes captured, after which all players reveal their character cards, disclosing their full identities. If the captor has successfully captured the rival clan’s leader, their clan is victorious and wins the game, but if they have captured anyone other than the rival leader, the opposing clan claims victory. If the Inquisitor is captured, the Inquisitor wins the game automatically.

If the Inquisitor is not captured, all players must then flip their curse cards face up. If the victorious clan’s leader finds that they have the True Curse card, the Inquisitor steals the victory away from that clan, and they alone win the game. However, if any player other than the leader of the victorious clan has the True Curse card, it has no effect and the Inquisitor loses.

Join the Order

Where will you swear your allegiance? Will you align with the Gargoyle Clan, the Phoenix, or the Secret Order? Become the Inquisitor and behold the deadly splendor of two clans whose paranoia will lead to their mutual demise!

Preorder Blood Bound (HB11) today at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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