To the South (Part II)

Read a New Short Story Set in the World of Legend of the Five Rings


“Our duties do not always take us where we prefer.”
Shinjo Tatsuo, "To the South (Part II)"

The ancient forest of Shinomen Mori holds many dark secrets. In “To the South (Part I)", a group of Unicorn scouts tracking an odd creature found their way into the mysterious forest and face-to-face with an unknown threat.

This week, Fantasy Flight Games presents “To The South (Part II) by Marie Brennan. This short story (the conclusion to last week's story) can be downloaded here (1.3 MB).

Join the Unicorn expedition as they meet some unexpected visitors to the Shinomen Mori and set out to find the mysterious creature they have been tracking. What danger awaits the scouts deep in the heart of the forest?

Spirits of the Forest

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