18 October 2017 | Mansions of Madness

A Proper Introduction

Meet the Investigators of Streets of Arkham


Marie’s stage persona dropped. She looked tired. “You could wait inside," she said. "I could get you tickets to the show.”
Diana shrugged. “I know too many people in the balcony seats. I imagine there will be more danger there than here.”
“You might be surprised, Miss Stanley.” Tommy Muldoon’s voice echoed as he strode down the alleyway. “You never know just what might be skulking in the shadows.” His hand shot out into the darkness and plucked a stumbling Finn Edwards from behind a trash can.
“Christ preserve me!” Finn squawked. “Ain’t your mam ever teach you manners?”
The ground shook, and the noise of a small explosion could be heard in the distance. Diana frowned. “No time for bickering,” she said, “We need to get to Miskatonic University. Now.”

Arkham’s façade of normalcy continues to fail, forcing a new team of investigators to confront the horrific secrets that will no longer be contained within the threshold of the mansions. In three new digital scenarios, the mortals who defend their earthly plane must unlock their hidden potential in order to overcome the threats to the city—and their lives.

While you prepare to brave the dangers that lay before you, today, you can take a closer look into the lives of the investigators who will make up your team in the Streets of Arkham expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition!

The Entertainer

Down in New Orleans, folks know that Marie Lambeau’s voice contains a little something extra. All those who hear her fall under her spell. Marie’s celebrity gives her high ranks in Influence and helps her to incline others to her will. But what many of the singer’s fans do not realize is that she learned more than folk songs from her grand-mère in the bayou.

Growing up, Marie had never thought too much about the gris-gris and spells her grand-mère practiced. It just seemed like a part of life, like cooking gumbo or sewing clothes. But the training Marie gained strengthened her mind with eight sanity, and equipped her well to battle the otherworldly threats that now descend on Arkham. At the start of her turn, Marie may cast a Spell without spending an action, making her a quick and potent spellcaster. Still, the singer will have to use all the secrets she's learned if she is to push back against the chaos that threatens Arkham.

The Rookie Cop

Tommy Muldoon arrived in Arkham fresh from police training in Boston. Even through his whole family has careers in law enforcement, Tommy found himself ill prepared for the bizarre crimes cropping up in the supposedly peaceful Massachusetts town. If anyone had told him that his first real case would be to investigate a bunch of ghost stories, he would have politely called that person a liar.

Even now, despite all he has seen, Tommy’s skepticism limits his experience with Lore, but he is far from vulnerable to the dangers Arkham presents. At the start of the game, Tommy gains his trusty rifle, Becky.  This weapon offers him the special ability to reroll one die once per round—in addition to packing quite a punch when it's fired. With his wits and unique equipment, this dedicated defender of the law is ready to face even the most hopeless situations.

The Reformed Cultist

As a new business owner in Arkham, Diana Stanley was proud to be initiated into the prestigious Order of the Silver Twilight Lodge. At first, her admittance into the Order was fantastic for business, but soon the meetings turned darker. After witnessing a strange ritual, Diana has become convinced that there are terrible forces converging on Arkham, and the Lodge is somehow involved. Guilt-ridden by her own involvement, Diana has vowed to never again stand idly by and watch as Arkham falls into destruction and madness.

Now, the brave young woman has vowed to take down the Order from the inside, regardless of the cost. Her time in the Order equipped Diana with a deep knowledge of Lore, and the horrors she’s witnessed have steeled her mind against what would drive weaker mortals insane. Her special ability states that whenever Diana would suffer two or more Horror, she suffers one fewer Horror instead. With her unique insight into Arkham’s dark underbelly, Diana will be vital in the fight against the encroaching darkness.

The Bootlegger

When it comes to moving merchandise, Finn Edwards trusts his own wits more than any gun to get the job done. His aim is to never be caught unprepared when things inevitably go south… but lately staying one step ahead has become more difficult. Finn’s bootlegging operation has moved goods all over the East Coast, but his deliveries are now being interrupted by unexplainable phenomena. If he wishes to keep his business afloat, Finn will have to face whatever forces lurk beyond the reaches of human understanding.

In his life on the wrong side of the law, Finn has learned to sharpen his wits and powers of persuasion. He has to use all of his high Influence these days, as every good cop doubts his stories and the bad ones are always looking for bigger payouts. In the alleys and on the back roads, Finn’s keen powers of Observation are what he relies on to keep him alive. To ensure his safety, Finn may move one space before or after performing a search action—Finn likes the taste of danger, but only as long as he can keep one eye on the exit.

A Common Cause

As Arkham grows more dangerous by the day, investigators from all backgrounds and all sides of the law must work together to protect their city and each other. Screw your courage to the sticking place and take on the horrors that haunt the Streets of Arkham!

Pre-order the Streets of Arkham Expansion (MAD25) expansion at your local retailer today!

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