12 January 2017 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Peace in Our Time

Everyone Profits in the Final Data Pack of the Flashpoint Cycle


“Take it from me, there is a point where you have so much money you stop caring. That's usually right before it all comes tumbling down.”
   –Hernando Cortez 

In the wake of the 23 Seconds Incident, no one in all of New Angeles was safe. There were casualties among corporate executives, prisec mercenaries, NAPD officers, and citizens alike. And with all the crossed wires, heightened anxieties, and itchy trigger fingers, runners’ lives had never been more dangerous… or brief (Escalation, 58)!

Some runners played it safe and headed out On the Lam (Martial Law, 82) before it was too late. And some runners mastered the art of Misdirection (Martial Law, 85) to stay out of corporate crosshairs. But more runners chose profits over safety, nabbing fistfuls of credits and terabytes of data from vulnerable servers even as the corps employed brutal new security measures. And in Quorum, the sixth and final data pack for the Flashpoint Cycle of Android: Netrunner, all the chips have finally been put on the table; now it’s time to score big... or flatline.

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Everything Is Relative

For the cunning runners and corporate schemers who clash in the world of Android: Netrunner, wealth, like morality, is a relative standard. Some runners focus on getting just enough cash for a stealth run into the Corp's scoring server. Others won't be satisfied until they've siphoned (Core Set, 18) every credit the Corp cashed out of the NASX. But a few know that it doesn't matter how many resources the Corp has, as long as they have more. And those runners will be excited to see Peace In Our Time (Quorum, 109).

One credit, one influence, and one click gives the runner an unprecedented nine credits in profit. Of course, nothing in New Angeles is free, particulary peace and safety. And Peace In Our Time comes with two significant drawbacks. First, you can't run the turn you play it, so you may not want to put away your Stimhack (Core Set, 4) just yet. Second, the Corp gains five credits when you play the event as well—after all, putting an end to Water Tower massacres and martial law may make it safer to run again, but it's also great for business.

Yet, in the asymmetrical dynamics of Android: Netrunner, a wealthy Corp isn't always as bad for the runner as a wealthy runner is for the corp. In the early game, a nine credit burst can help the runner set up their rig before the Corp has all the cards they need to develop a real defense. Midgame, the one credit cost means that runners have a better chance than ever of recovering from serious tempo hits like a well-timed Closed Accounts (Core Set, 84). And all game long, cards like Beth Kilrain-Chang (Blood Money, 30) and Hernando Cortez  (23 Seconds, 4) offer more benefits to the runner when the Corp is flush with credits, and cards like Observe and Destroy (Escalation, 56) and Bryan Stinson (Quorum, 117) only work for the Corp when the runner has fewer than six credits.

And of course, with sufficient planning, a clever runner can minimize the Corp's ability to spend credits efficiently. All the credits left in Titan's vaults won't help the Corp rez expensive ICE like the new Chiyashi (Quorum, 112) if you use Blackmail (Fear and Loathing, 89) to get past it and En Passant (Intervention, 61) to trash it. If you keep Clot (The Valley, 1) on the table, it won't matter how much Biotic Labor (Core Set, 59) the Corp can afford. And the ten credits provided by Peace In Our Time is more than sufficient to keep you safe from traces, especially if you're in touch with New Angeles City Hall (Future Proof, 109).

Someone Always Loses

As the dust settled beneath the feet of the USMC's power armored soldiers, corporate executives and local politicians gathered in a quorum to resolve the flashpoint crisis. Their goal was clear: End the war on the streets of New Angeles in a way that let everyone present in the quorum “win.”

But before the corps could secure their credits and the politicians could firm up their power bases and, most importantly, the newshounds could spin the story to everyone’s benefit, the runners of New Angeles—those that started the incident and those that leaked information about it to the masses—had already demonstrated how far the powers that be would go to protect themselves in a moment of chaos.

Ultimately, as everyone seeks to profit from the present peace, the real winners of the war may yet be decided by the everyday citizens of the special zone. Make your voice heard with Peace In Our Time and other cards from Quorum available at your local retailer today!

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