8 September 2016 | Mansions of Madness

Cult of Sentinel Hill

A Preview of the Suppressed Memories Figure & Tile Collection


“It was—well, it was mostly a kind of force that doesn’t belong in our part of space; a kind of force that acts and grows and shapes itself by other laws than those of our sort of Nature. We have no business calling in such things from outside, and only very wicked people and very wicked cults ever try to."
 –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

You've never been one to look too closely at the the socially uncomfortable or curiously odd developments around you. When the farm animals began to behave strangely, you watched silently, and when one of them disappeared, you shrugged it off as an abnormality. When an unusual bout of weather arrived, from neither east nor west, but seemingly without origin at all, you thought perhaps you should be more observant of the patterns in the sky. But when great clusters of trees were bent and broken at the root, as if a meteor had careened into them, leaving no trace, and when the cattle's docile nature turned foul and aggressive, you couldn't hold back your curiosity, your awareness of the wrongness of it all. Something unnatural had descended on Dunwich, bringing with it an eerie sense of secrecy which has dangerously intrigued you. Unfortunately, you seem to be standing in the way of whatever otherworldly forces have orchestrated these events, and they have no problem eliminating the obstacles in their path. 

Suppressed Memories Figure & Tile Collection is the second collection released to expand your Mansions of Madness Second Edition game using components from Mansions of Madness First Edition. The eight investigator figures, fifteen monster figures, and seventeen double-sided map tiles included in Suppressed Memories mirror the contents of the two first edition expansions, Forbidden Alchemy and Call of the WildSuppressed Memories will also give players access to one brand new horrifying scenario, Cult of Sentinel Hill. The scenario will also be playable by owners of Call of the Wild, with more variations available to those who have Forbidden Alchemy in their collection as well.

The first edition core set components can be found in the Recurring Nightmares Figure & Tile Collection. Read more about the contents of that collection and the Dearly Departed scenario here

In the Face of Fear

Your every move in the fight against evil is influenced by the skills and abilities of your investigator, and Suppressed Memories introduces to Mansions of Madness Second Edition eight investigators from the first edition expansions. From Forbidden Alchemy return the magician, Dexter Drake, empowered by the use of his supernatural powers; and Carolyn Fern, a psychologist with exceptional stability of mind. Call of the Wild investigators include Amanda Sharpe, the clever student skilled in puzzle-solving; and the charismatic salesman Bob Jenkins, who gains confidence from interaction with the people you encounter throughout your adventures. 

With Suppressed Memories, you will also see the return of nine different types of monsters, awaiting unsuspecting prey. The unsettling, faceless Nightgaunts return, their barbed tails poised for an attack. As you try to wrap your unstable mind around the sheer existence of such a paralyzing beast, the smell of the next will reach your nostrils long before you are able to cast a glance on its terrifying visage. The treelike Dark Young bear down on you, gaping maws filled with sharp teeth and dripping with a mysterious green goo. And the worst of these unnatural beasts is more fearsome than any of the rest; you have yet to meet the Dunwich Horror out in the treacherous wilds. But you will.

Servants of Horror

In addition to the twenty-three plastic figures, Suppressed Memories adds seventeen double-sided map tiles to expand each map you must traverse. Bloodied bricks form the unsteady floor of a claustrophobic torture chamber in which you will soon find yourself imprisoned. Your escape can lead nowhere safe, whether it be to an arcane ritual site, a rotting porch, or a treacherous operating theater, filled with tools used for purposes far more sinister than ever intended.

Suppressed Memories not only adds these elements to all your future mysteries, but unlocks the terrifying Cult of Sentinel Hill scenario. Your adventure atop Sentinel Hill begins in a dingy dungeon, locked up with a familiar character to those who have wandered through Dunwich before. Upon finding you alive, he will inform you of his connection to the plot you were so near to uncovering. The cultists' malicious intentions will become clearer with each room you enter and each monster you confront. That is, if you can get out of the torture chamber in which you awoke in the first place. 

You Are Not Welcome Here

The Suppressed Memories collection, with its investigator figures, monster figures, and map tiles, brings back all the horrors you thought you'd escaped. The wormlike Crawling Ones writhe at you, striving to taste your flesh... The tight corridors of an underground gave seem to move inward upon you... There is no respite from these thoughts, for they stand in front of you, as real as you are sane.

The Dearly Departed and Cult of Sentinel Hill scenarios will be available for play in the Mansions of Madness app. Owners of either Mansions of Madness First Edition or the Recurring Nightmares collection will be able to play Dearly Departed, while Cult of Sentinel Hill will be playable to owners of the original Call of the Wild expansion or the Suppressed Memories collectionThe Forbidden Alchemy expansion is not required to play Cult of Sentinel Hill, though owners of that expansion will have access to one additional map variation on top of those based on Call of the Wild components.

Look for Suppressed Memories at your local retailers or on our webstore soon!

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