6 September 2016 | Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

Embrace the Power of Chaos

Against the Great Enemy Will Be on Sale Next Week


“There is no greater weapon in this whole miserable galaxy than pure, unalloyed hate. That is why we will defeat the Imperium in the end; we hate as they never could.”
Gharalox Ironbreed, Warpsmith of the Shadowstar Forge

The jungles of Nectavus VI are drenched in blood—both from the Warp-spawned rain that has fallen upon the planet and from the relentless fighting on the forest floor. Every faction in the Traxis sector has a reason to fight for this planet, or at least prevent the forces of Chaos from drawing it into the Warp. Now, as the battle enters its final stages, the Eldar arrive in full force with the Against the Great Enemy War Pack, which arrives at your local retailer on September 15th!

Like the previous War Packs of the Death World cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Against the Great Enemy continues to chronicle the battles for the Death World of Nectavus VI. You’ll find plenty of new cards that harness the Deep Strike keyword, inviting you to secretly position your units, attachments, and events before the battle even begins. At the same time, a new Eldar warlord enters the fray, bringing new ways to cancel your opponent’s plans and outwit them on the field of battle. 

Consumed by Rage

Though every faction has a vested interest in fighting for control of Nectavus VI, few are more dedicated than the forces of Chaos. Were this Death World to fall under the control of the Immaterium, it would give the Ruinous Powers an undeniable foothold in the Traxis sector—perhaps enough to drag the entire sector into unending darkness. The forces of Chaos have thrown all their power into accomplishing this goal, and in Against the Great Enemy, you’ll find some of the most dangerous Chaos cards yet. 

First, the legions of Nurgle gain a plague-ridden Elite unit: the Sickening Helbrute (Against the Great Enemy, 98). This powerful Elite boasts an incredible nine HP, and paired with the brutal keyword, you’ll be able to skyrocket the Sickening Helbrute’s attacks to truly devastating levels. Once your Helbrute starts to take damage, it will be capable of destroying nearly any enemy unit with a single blow, regardless of shields. And that’s not even the end of the Sickening Helbrute’s abilities. It also bears a Forced Reaction that will surely bring even more blood to the battlefield: “After a unit at this planet is declared as a defender, deal 1 damage to it.” Although this affects your own units as well, the Sickening Helbrute revels in the carnage of battle, and a true servitor of Chaos can undoubtedly turn this frenzy to your advantage. 

If you’re looking for even more ways to damage your enemies, you may bestow the Blessing of a Cloud of Flies (Against the Great Enemy, 100). This attachment can be given to any Nurgle army unit you control, including the Sickening Helbrute. Then, after a combat round begins at the planet with Cloud of Flies, both players must deal two indirect damage among non-Nurgle units at the same planet. Combine that damage with the bonus from Zarathur, High Sorcerer (Core Set, 4), and no unit will stand before the massive amounts of damage you’re pushing out every round.

As your opponent’s units fall before your legions, he’ll want to replace them by summoning other units from across the Traxis sector. Fortunately, you have a way to slow your opponent down with the Purveyor of Hubris (Against the Great Enemy, 99). This unit can be perfect for guarding a planet where you don’t want your opponent to build his forces—whenever your opponent deploys a non-Elite unit to a planet with Purveyor of Hubris, that unit’s cost is increased by two! Increasing a unit’s cost by two resources is no small price to play, and it may dramatically reduce the number of units your opponent can bring to bear against you. The alternative, of course, is to avoid the planet altogether, leaving it free for your legions to sweep forward.

Claim this World

Nectavus VI is yours for the taking. Lead the legions of Chaos and drag this Death World screaming into the Immaterium—or claim undying glory in the attempt! You can marshal your legions and launch your assault when Against the Great Enemy comes out on September 15th.

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