Delving Deep

Announcing The Delve for Road to Legend


Piercing silver light and a thrumming vibration awaken you. Rising from cold, cracked stone, you take stock of your surroundings. Instead of walls, the broken platform upon which you stand gives way to an expanse of darkness. A portal, the source of the silver light, shimmers at the edge of the platform. A voice echoes in the darkness. “You must be very brave or very foolish to have entered here. I am the Caretaker. This is my domain.”

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce a new addition to the Road to Legend app for Descent: Journeys in the DarkThe Delve!

Your adventures have taken you across the realm of Terrinoth in two distinct campaigns. First, you opposed the bumbling schemes of Splig in The End of All Goblins mini-campaign. Then, you fought the explosive depredations of Merick Farrow through the wild places of Terrinoth in the full-length Kindred Fire campaign. You’ll soon be able to face your greatest challenge yet, however—a randomized delve mode is coming to Road to Legend.

Unlike the two campaigns that have been previously released for Road to Legend, The Delve challenges you in an entirely new way. Over the course of a single session, you and your fellow heroes will advance through an ever-changing pocket dimension, carrying out the goals given to you by the Caretaker—the ruler of this strange domain. If you can accomplish your objectives, the Caretaker will reward you with experience, loot, and your eventual freedom. But if you fail, the terrifying dark creatures trapped in this world will tear you to pieces. 

Countless Variations

Like the analog cooperative adventures previously released for Descent (Forgotten Souls, Nature’s Ire, and Dark Elements), each game of The Delve takes place over a single session of roughly two hours and pits you against a series of stages, each offering a different task. At the beginning of the adventure, you and your fellow heroes have been drawn into a world-between-worlds, containing a multitude of terrifying creatures and ruled over by a being of unimaginable power known as the Caretaker. If you carry out her demands, the Caretaker will reward you with new abilities and items, but if you fail, the consequences will be most dire.

Each delve consists of six stages—four normal stages and two boss fights, one in the middle of the game and one at the end. Each stage sets up a new series of tiles, giving you a distinct objective, unique rules, and monsters that will oppose your goals. You’ll also find a portal on every stage, though this may be closed when you first encounter it. Once you’ve completed your objective, all of the heroes can escape through this portal at the end of a round, progressing to a new stage and getting closer to escape.

Before you begin the next stage, however, you’ll have the chance to grow in power and upgrade your heroes. Based on your performance in the stage you just passed—how many rounds it took to complete your objective and how many monsters were slain—you’ll receive XP that you can immediately spend to purchase new abilities from your Class deck. You’ll also be able to draw a number of Item cards and gain a few, giving you access to dangerous new weapons and equipment.

In every game of The Delve, these carefully designed stages are randomly paired, ensuring that the world-between-worlds is different every time you return. What’s more, like all of Road to Legend, this pocket dimension expands with the size of your Descent collection. Even with just the Core Set, you’ll find fifteen regular stages and five unique boss fights, but every expansion that includes new map tiles adds three to seven more stages that you may randomly encounter during a game! In addition, the monsters that you face in The Delve are selected from your entire collection, which means that every Hero and Monster Collection can significantly change the enemies you face.

Enter the Portal

You’ve already experienced two campaigns. Now, prepare to enter a world of infinite permutations and unlimited replayability with The Delve for Road to Legend. The Delve will be available for in-app purchase soon!

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