27 September 2016 | Legend of the Five Rings

The World Is at Your Fingertips

The Atlas of Rokugan Is Now Available on DriveThruRPG


“I have prayed with the shugenja of the Phoenix Clan, imploring the Fortunes with words older than the Empire itself. I have seen the beauty of the Crane lands, where a single snowflake is a more valued treasure than gold. I have sailed the ocean to reach the Mantis isles, a place so full of life it seems as if the soil itself is growing.”
–Togashi Minami

From the smallest fishing village on the Islands of Silk and Spice to the sprawling cities of Ryoko Owari or Otosan Uchi, the realm of Rokugan is filled with wonder, adventure, magic, and intrigue. Each of the Great Clans brings unique strengths to the Emperor’s service, and the lands of every clan are equally different. Now, you can travel anywhere in the Emerald Empire and still know exactly where you stand. The Atlas of Rokugan is now available through DriveThruRPG for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game!

The Imperial Cartographers

In the course of a standard roleplaying game, there are countless times that a map might be useful. You could be sailing up the coast of Rokugan and looking for the perfect cove to land in. You may be standing with the Crab atop the Great Carpenter Wall and trying to predict where the hammer-blow of the next Shadowlands attack will fall. You may be a guest of the Scorpion Clan, trying to find your way through the legendary labyrinths that surround Kyuden Bayushi. With The Atlas of Rokugan, all of these maps and more are at your fingertips. 

The Atlas of Rokugan features a chapter of each of the Great Clans, as well as the Minor Clans and Imperial holdings. Within these chapters, you’ll find information on each of the provinces, letting you learn the secrets of the Temple of the Lost Moto or walk among the armies hosted in Kokoro Province. Along with maps of the individual provinces, you’ll find notes on prominent castles, palaces, cities, and villages, as well as blueprints of each clan’s most important holdings.

The interior of Kyuden Bayushi

The Great Clans hold dominion over much of Rokugan, but there are still places that lie beyond their reach. Though few cartographers have dared to enter these places, The Atlas of Rokugan still has chapters on both the tainted Shadowlands and the trackless, sprawling forest of Shinomen Mori. Finally, the book concludes with a chapter on three cities that each have a history and a culture as rich as any clan—the Imperial Cities of Otosan Uchi and Toshi Ranbo, and the Scorpion Clan’s "City of Lies," Ryoko Owari.

Important note: The previously published version of The Atlas of Rokugan included a large poster map of Rokugan. Due to production constraints, we are unable to provide a print version of this map through DriveThruRPG. A Map Pack that contains a high-resolution digital version of this map and the three city maps of Otosan Uchi, Toshi Ranbo, and Ryoko Owari will be available separately through DriveThruRPG.

Enter the Empire

Maps reveal what once was hidden, drawing in the lines that color our world. Still, in Rokugan, these maps may raise more questions than they answer. Who is imprisoned in the dungeons of Kyuden Gotei? What knowledge could be found within The Library of the Fiery Centipede? What dangers wait beneath the waters of the Forbidden Lake, deep within the Shadowlands? The questions to ask are found in The Atlas of Rokugan, but the answers are up to you.

Head to DriveThruRPG and order your copy of The Atlas of Rokugan and other Legend of the Five Rings books today!

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