2 September 2016 | X-Wing

Go Rogue

Announcing Two New X-Wing™ Starship Expansions

“This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.”
     –Jyn Erso

Later this year, those of us at Fantasy Flight Games will join the millions of Star Wars fans lining up to watch Rogue One. Like you, we are eager to learn more about Jyn Erso, to discover what role she plays in the fledgling Rebel Alliance, and to see if she will help the Rebellion gain valuable intelligence on the Galactic Empire’s newest weapon.

We also look forward to seeing the film’s new starships in action…

Already, we know that the Rebel Alliance’s U-wing is a hardy transport craft used for deploying troops under the cover of darkness or into the midst of dangerous situations. We also know that the Galactic Empire’s TIE striker is a sleek and agile fighter used primarily by forces stationed on planetary installations.

What else do we know? We know that even before you can watch these ships race across the big screen, you will be able to fly them in your X-Wing space battles.

We are proud to announce that we are going rogue with these ships, and the U-wing Expansion Pack and TIE Striker Expansion Pack are now being added to the game’s upcoming tenth wave of starship expansions!

From left to right: the quadjumper, Sabine’s TIE fighter, U-wing, TIE striker, and Upsilon-class shuttle.

U-wing Expansion Pack

Among the beliefs that lie nearest the heart of all Star Wars films is one that says it is possible for an individual to make a significant impact upon a course of events that extend far beyond his or her own life.

This remarkable belief—which just happens to unite the members of the Rebel Alliance—leads to the even larger belief that a collection of individuals, working together, can alter the fate of the galaxy.

In the U-wing Expansion Pack, X-Wing fans will find not only a new large-base Rebel ship, but a whole collection of remarkable pilots and crew members that evoke the Rebel spirit. Four ship cards and fourteen upgrades introduce versions of Jyn Erso , Cassian Andor , plus several other notable characters from Rogue One.

Then, because the U-wing is a transport ship, you will find it outfitted with two crew slots and a maneuver dial designed to carry these new characters into the best possible position to make a difference.

Systems and torpedo upgrade slots further add to the ship’s versatility, as does its Pivot Wing Title, a dual-sided upgrade which can greatly enhance either the ship’s maneuverability or its effectiveness in combat.

TIE Striker Expansion Pack

Although it can function in space, the TIE striker was designed primarily for use in atmosphere and features a sleek profile with an extended cockpit and advanced high-speed wings.

In X-Wing, these wings continue to set the TIE striker apart from other TIEs. First of all, they help translate the TIE striker’s speed and power to the pre-painted miniature from the TIE Striker Expansion Pack. But more importantly, they allow your TIE striker pilots to make lightning-quick adjustments to their maneuvers.

Among the expansion’s three upgrades are the TIE Striker only Title, Adaptive Ailerons , which state that immediately before you reveal your dial, if you are not stressed, you must execute a white left-bank, right-bank, or straight maneuver.

Although the ability may seem unnecessarily restrictive at first glance, it is important to remember that you do not need to equip your TIE striker with Adaptive Ailerons. Also, you execute this free Speed "1" maneuver before revealing and executing the maneuver locked into your dial. Given the right measure of pilot skill, your TIE striker's Adaptive Ailerons allow it to begin its activation by repositioning itself with the equivalent of a boost action after your opponent's ships have already activated.

In such circumstances, a TIE striker with Adaptive Ailerons is a uniquely responsive fighter, especially since it already features the barrel roll action.

A TIE striker pilot takes advantage of her fighter’s Adaptive Ailerons and barrel rolls to line up a point-blank shot on a hapless Rebel.

Of course, in the long run, all your maneuvering is in service of your ability to gun down your opposition. Fortunately, the TIE striker excels at that as well, and partners a primary attack value of three dice with an agility value of two and a hull value of four.

Will You Continue to Fight?

Soon, Rogue One will make its way to the theater, and we will all enjoy the newest installment in the Star Wars galaxy. We will enjoy heroics and villainy of the highest order, and we will all bear witness to the ways that a handful of individuals can reshape the course of history.

Until then, keep your eyes open for more information about the new Rogue One starship expansions coming to X-Wing. Along with all the rest of Wave X, the U-wing Expansion Pack and TIE Striker Expansion Pack are scheduled to arrive at retailers before the movie releases!

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