A Call for Heroes

Continue Your Adventures Beyond The Force Awakens™ Beginner Game

"Through the ages, I've seen evil take many forms. The Sith. The Empire. Today, it is the First Order. Their shadow is spreading across the galaxy. We must face them. Fight them. All of us."
     –Maz Kanata

Your struggles against the First Order begin with The Force Awakens™ Beginner Game, but they don't end with it.

Not only does The Force Awakens Beginner Game come with a learn-as-you-go adventure and character portfolios designed to help you jump feet-first into the action, it also contains information on advancing your heroes and an abridged version of the basic Star Wars® Roleplaying Game ruleset.

These allow you to continue your group's adventures pretty much anywhere in the galaxy, and you can add greater focus and depth by incorporating materials from any of the existing systems, Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, or Force and Destiny.

There is also another option—the free downloadable adventure A Call for Heroes (pdf, 10.4 MB).

Face Them. Fight Them.

Set after the events of Discovery on Jakku, A Call for Heroes offers you and your friends a chance to join the Resistance and take a stand against the First Order.

Toward the end of Discovery on Jakku, the heroes have likely made contact with the Resistance and joined the struggle against the First Order. At the very least, they now have good reasons to resent the rising power of this new state, even if they were not able to reach the Resistance. Now A Call for Heroes allows your group to follow up on the events of Discovery on Jakku and strike out against the newly revealed oppressors.

Like Discovery on Jakku, A Call for Heroes is designed to guide players along their continued experiences in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The Game Master will find useful sidebars that may help him or her adapt the adventure for groups that didn't necessarily follow the most "obvious" course through the Beginner Game. There are other tips, as well, for pacing sophisticated encounters. And you'll even find a number of suggestions for how you might continue your group's adventures beyond the scope of A Call for Heroes.

Additionally, the adventure offers you and your friends an opportunity to take advantage of the guidelines for character advancement that are included in The Force Awakens Beginner Game. Like Fira Bon, each of the pre-generated characters from the Beginner Game comes with an abridged version of the talent tree for his or her specialization.

Along with the rules the game introduces for skill training,  these talent trees allow you to spend the experience points you gain from your adventures. And, of course, your Game Master will find valuable information about assigning experience points at the end of the Beginner Game's adventure, Discovery on Jakku.

Double Your Reward

There's more to The Force Awakens Beginner Game than its learn-as-you-go adventure. But that adventure, Discovery on Jakku, is clearly the most important component within the box.

Download A Call for Heroes (pdf, 10.4 MB)

It's what brings your characters together, it's what allows you to use your maps and dice, and it's what gives meaning to your Game Master's efforts, instructing him or her in the ways of the Force the whole way through.

By taking a minute now to download A Call for Heroes, you effectively double your reward from the Beginner Game. This free adventure is just as long, detailed, and thrilling as Discovery on Jakku. Download the adventure, and you gain twice as much opportunity to imagine yourself as a part of the Star Wars galaxy.

And if you haven't picked up your copy of The Force Awakens Beginner Game, it's not too late. The game is available at hobby retailers everywhere. Pick up your copy today!

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