The Battle for Tatooine

Announcing Four New Imperial Assault Ally and Villain Packs

“You can either profit by this or be destroyed. It’s your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my power.”
–Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce four new Ally Packs and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault!

  • Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Ally Pack
  • Alliance Rangers Ally Pack
  • Captain Terro Villain Pack
  • Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack

The galaxy’s last Jedi Knight. The Rebel Alliance’s crack commandos. The ruthless Stormtrooper commanding Imperial cavalry. The crime lord who rules Tatooine’s underworld. You’ll find each of these famous characters in the four new figure packs arriving to Imperial Assault! Whether you’re engaged in a desperate skirmish or playing through the full-length campaign from the newly announced Jabba’s Realm expansion, these four expansions give you the chance to fully immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away.

Together, these four figure packs offer detailed, beautifully sculpted plastic figures that you can use to replace the tokens found in the Jabba’s Realm expansion. Of course, there’s far more than just new figures in these expansions—you’ll also encounter brand-new missions for your campaigns and skirmishes, as well as the Deployment cards, Command cards, and Agenda cards to customize your games and make every adventure completely different from the ones you’ve played before.

Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Ally Pack

For centuries, the Jedi Order endured as a symbol of truth and justice in the galaxy, with hundreds of Jedi Knights working to protect the innocent and safeguard the galaxy. The Galactic Empire gutted the Jedi Order, however, and by the events of Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker may be all that remains of that once legendary order. With the Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Ally Pack, you can bring a new version of Luke Skywalker into your Imperial Assault campaigns and skirmishes.

A Jedi Knight with the skills of Luke Skywalker would be an undeniable boon to any Rebel strike team in a campaign. You might end up using Luke’s knowledge of his homeworld to infiltrate an Imperial base on Tatooine, or you may bring him into one of your other missions as an ally, whether you’re playing the new full-length campaign in Jabba’s Realm or any of your other adventures across the Star Wars galaxy. 

It’s instantly apparent that Luke Skywalker is a formidable warrior as part of your skirmish strike team as well, with or without the new Dune Sea skirmish map. Luke’s lightsaber can pierce through most armor without difficulty, and his skills have progressed, allowing him to deflect blaster bolts back at your enemies. You may even use Parry to further increase your defensive power, perhaps preventing the last few points of damage that make the difference between victory and defeat. 

Alliance Rangers Ally Pack

The soldiers of the Rebel Alliance are utterly devoted to the cause, willing to venture into even the most hostile terrain if it means helping to bring down the Empire. Although all of these soldiers are trained in battle, a few truly excel at guerrilla warfare and long-range attacks. These renowned snipers are known as the Alliance Rangers, and they can join your campaigns and skirmishes with the Alliance Rangers Ally Pack

They may help a small team of Rebel heroes survive among the dunes of Tatooine, or they may battle Imperial Stormtroopers under the canopy of a mighty forest, but wherever they’re deployed, the Alliance Rangers are among the most deadly long-range fighters in the game of Imperial Assault. With two blue dice and an inherent accuracy boost, Alliance Rangers can reach almost unprecedented distances with their attacks, and the Sniper ability gives them a further benefit from choosing to make their attack far from enemy reprisal. Add to that the ability to become Hidden after defeating an enemy figure, and your Alliance Rangers may pick off your opponent’s troops long before they come close enough to fire their own blasters. 

This Ally Pack comes with plenty of other ways to alter your campaign missions or skirmish games as well. You may travel to the planet Ithor to assist a strike force of Alliance Rangers in silencing an Imperial recon facility. Or, you may move deep into the Nal Hutta Swamps, carrying out a covert and silent battle against another strike team in the backwaters of the Hutt homeworld. No matter which way you prefer to play, the Alliance Rangers are a powerful asset for the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Captain Terro Villain Pack

Imperial forces on Tatooine may not have the same sway as Jabba’s gangsters, but they can still be dangerous and violent—especially if their authority is not respected. Several Stormtroopers have adopted the native dewback as a mount and organized a cavalry division under the command of the vicious Captain Terro. A Stormtrooper mounted on a powerful creature like the dewback is not to be underestimated, and the Galactic Empire gains a new tool in its arsenal with the Captain Terro Villain Pack.

The heroes may come into contact with Captain Terro himself or just a Dewback Rider from his command, but either one would be a dangerous opponent during a campaign game. The dewback mount gives these warriors a prodigious amount of movement, and by striking from the creature’s back with shock lances or flamethrowers, a single Stormtrooper can cause a massive amount of carnage or split a hero party in two. With a new three-card Agenda set that challenges the heroes to stop a Stormtrooper reprisal against Anchorhead, the Imperial player will find plenty to enjoy in this Villain Pack.

Captain Terro and the Dewback Riders may also join the Galactic Empire’s cavalry during one of your skirmish games, in which case, they would be potent warriors. Perfectly able to quickly close the distance between models, these riders can charge at enemy positions and break through before the Rebel scum have even had the chance to fire back. You may even equip your Creature units with the new Feeding Frenzy skirmish upgrade, which boosts your damage and allows you to recover your own health in the midst of battle!

Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack

The Galactic Empire may technically control Tatooine, but on the planet’s surface, the rules are seldom determined by laws made light-years away. Crime is the closest thing to government that Tatooine has, and all crime on Tatooine feeds back to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba has spent decades establishing his criminal empire and crushing all competitors. Now, he can help to guide your Mercenaries strike team to victory with the Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack

Three new Agenda cards invite you to spread the might of Jabba the Hutt across the Star Wars galaxy, even when the Rebel heroes venture beyond Tatooine itself. A new Agenda mission may draw the heroes into an unexpected conflict in Mos Eisley, but wherever they move in the Outer Rim, the heroes can never be certain that they’re safe from a group of Mercenaries acting On Jabba's Orders. Jabba’s word carries significant weight in the underworld, and you can be sure that any Mercenaries working for Jabba will fight even harder than usual. 

Jabba the Hutt offers a formidable presence on the battlefield of your campaign or skirmish game. Though he prefers to stay out of direct combat and his great bulk makes it difficult for him to move quickly, Jabba excels at ordering his minions into battle and subtly undermining your enemy’s plans. With a total of five different special abilities, your options for using Jabba the Hutt to gain control of the crime world are nearly unmatched. 

Find the Highest Bidder

With the Jabba’s Realm expansion and its corresponding Ally Packs and Villain Packs, every faction gains something powerful. You can pursue the ways of the Force with Luke Skywalker or engage in guerrilla warfare with the Alliance Rangers. You can enforce Imperial justice with Captain Terro. You can build a crime empire from the ground up with Jabba the Hutt. You make all the choices, and you determine the outcome of the fast-paced tactical combats that define Imperial Assault.

Look for these Ally Packs and Villain Packs at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2016!

  • Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Ally Pack
  • Alliance Rangers Ally Pack
  • Captain Terro Villain Pack
  • Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack

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