5 August 2016 | X-Wing

I'll Show You the Dark Side

Announcing the Tenth Wave of X-Wing™ Starship Expansions

"I'll show you the dark side."
     –Kylo Ren

Fly a Rebel TIE fighter. Scavenge for upgrades. Use the power of the dark side to cripple your foes with your choice of critical hits…

Three new starships and a wealth of fantastic new upgrades are headed your way in the tenth wave of X-Wing starship expansions!

  • Sabine's TIE Fighter Expansion Pack
  • Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack
  • Quadjumper Expansion Pack

From left to right: the quadjumper, Sabine's TIE fighter, and the Upsilon-class shuttle

Inspired by The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels, these expansions add new strategic options for each of the game's three primary factions. They introduce all-new maneuvers. They make it possible for you to dramatically alter your squadron deployment. And they introduce condition cards that you can trigger to create powerful, lingering effects.

Sabine's TIE Fighter Expansion Pack

The ubiquitous TIE fighter was one of the Empire’s most common symbols of oppression. When one of these nimble craft fell into the hands of Rebel saboteur and artist Sabine Wren, she knew exactly how to customize it for use against the Empire.

After battling against hundreds and thousands and unending waves of TIE fighters, the Rebels get to fly their own version of the ship with Sabine's TIE Fighter Expansion Pack, but it features far more color and far more surprises than you might expect from an Imperial fighter produced by the thousands.

In addition to its miniature TIE fighter, pre-painted to reflect the color scheme that Sabine Wren chose for her stolen TIE, the Sabine's TIE Fighter Expansion Pack comes with four unique ship cards and six upgrades, including a condition that you can use to reduce your opponent's firepower, a new crew member, and a new piece of illicit technology.

What good are a new crew member and a new illicit upgrade, you might ask, in a TIE fighter expansion? Well, this is no ordinary TIE fighter. This is Sabine's Masterpiece,  and the expansion's unique Title upgrade allows you to add both the crew and illicit upgrades to her ship!

Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack

Everyone knew things on Jakku were about to take a turn for the worse when BB-8 alerted Poe Dameron, who raised his quadnoculars to his eyes and caught sight of an Upsilon-class shuttle on the horizon. Grim, sleek, and menacing, the Upsilon-class shuttle's appearance heralded the arrival of a high-ranking First Order officer, and it turned out to be none other than the fearsome warrior, Kylo Ren.

The Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack invokes the terror of this opening scene from The Force Awakens by partnering its pre-painted, large-base miniature shuttle with fifteen upgrades. These allow you to load your shuttle with advanced technology and talented crew. Chief among these is Kylo Ren.  For three squad points, Kylo Ren allows you to turn the dark side of the Force against an enemy ship through his use of the condition, I'll Show You the Dark Side .

New to Wave X, conditions are persistent effects that some ships and upgrades allow you to add to your games. For example, Kylo Ren allows you to apply I'll Show You the Dark Side with the use of an action, targeting an enemy ship within Range 1–3. Then, once a condition is applied, its text is immediately resolved, and any ship that Kylo Ren targets with his condition becomes far more vulnerable to crippling critical effects such as those from Blinded Pilot and Damaged Cockpit.

Quadjumper Expansion Pack

Because the quadjumper in The Force Awakens was destroyed while it was landed in the Niima Outpost spaceport, we never got to see this ship in action. Nonetheless, its precise tractor beam array and unique maneuverability make it a versatile favorite among traders and smugglers in the Outer Rim. Naturally, this means it arrives to X-Wing as Scum faction ship, full of new maneuvers and dirty tricks.

In addition to its pre-painted quadjumper miniature, the Quadjumper Expansion Pack provides access to eight upgrades that allow you to militarize the ship. These include a crew version of blobfish Unkar Plutt,  as well as a unique elite pilot talent and associated condition that help your elite pilots pay back their debts against those who have done them wrong.

Finally, the expansion includes all the tokens you need to fly it to battle, plus a maneuver dial with no fewer than six different speed "1" maneuvers.

What Will You Discover?

"You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force!"
     –Kylo Ren

The dark side of the Force, mercenary greed, and heroic self-sacrifice all play their part in the conditions of X-Wing Wave X, as do three exciting new ships from The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels. What will happen when you bring these ships and conditions to the table? What will you discover?

The tenth wave of X-Wing starship expansions is scheduled to arrive to retailers in the fourth quarter of 2016!

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