3 August 2016

Join Us at Gen Con!

Come See FFG at Gen Con Indy 2016 from August 4th - 7th


The best four days in gaming start tomorrow, and once again, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to invite you to join us for the non-stop fun and excitement at Gen Con Indy 2016. There, you’ll be able to demo brand-new games, participate in the North American Championships for our Organized Play games, and have the chance to pick up new games and expansions before anyone else!

The Best Four Days in Gaming

From Indianapolis, Indiana, Gen Con Indy has been a rallying point for tabletop gamers around the world. Drawing tens of thousands of people every year, the convention hall is always packed with the best that the hobby gaming industry has to offer. Fantasy Flight Games has been a part of Gen Con Indy for the past nineteen years, and this year, we’re thrilled to return to this amazing and memorable experience once more. 

Gen Con Indy is, perhaps above all else, a place to get to know great games. Every year, Fantasy Flight Games has plenty of games, both old and new, available for you to demo, and this year is no different. Just stop by our booth to get demoes of thrilling new games like:

If the tournament scene is where you prefer to be, there’s plenty for you to enjoy with that at Gen Con Indy as well. We’ll be running the North American Championships for all of our Organized Play Games throughout the convention, including: 

Although the tickets for most of these events are sold out, there’s still a chance that you can get in with generic tickets! For more information on generic tickets, click here.

Finally, Gen Con Indy is the perfect site for you to pick up new games and expansions before they’re ever released to the outside world. This year, we’re happy to announce that the following products will be available for purchase through our on-site store at Gen Con Indy:

Come and Join Us

Like many of you, we spend the whole year looking forward to Gen Con Indy, and we are excited to see all of you, whether you find us at our demo tables or in the tournament hall. This year will be our biggest, best Gen Con Indy yet, and we can’t wait to see you there! For more information, visit www.gencon.com.

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