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Slash and Burn Will Be Available Next Week for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


“Feel the rush of the wind against your skin and hear her keening cry in your ears. Listen to her call well, for are we not the Wild Riders, the children of the storm?”
–Nuadhu “Fireheart,” High-Chieftain of Saim-Hann

Blood rains down on Nectavus VI, and with this grotesque storm, the Warp itself infuses the planet. Chaos is making its bid for the world, hoping to establish a permanent foothold within the Traxis sector—but as the Dark Angels and the Astra Militarum make planetfall, this Death World is about to become the center of a battle between every faction in the galaxy. With Slash and Burn, you can join this epic fight on August 4th by picking up this War Pack at your local retailer or at our booth at Gen Con Indy 2016!

As the Death World cycle continues for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, you’ll find continued support for its themes within Slash and Burn. You may choose to deep strike your units, attachments, and events into play, surprising your opponent with an unexpected trick moments before battle is joined. Similarly, you’ll continue to find new support for Elite units, as each faction receives ways to ensure that these units are as dangerous and powerful as they should be. With a new Astra Militarum warlord and his eight-card signature squad inviting you to steamroll the surface of Nectavus VI with your tanks, this world is yours to claim.

Vehicle Assault

The full force of the Eldar strike force under Jain Zar (Against the Great Enemy, 87) has not yet arrived on Nectavus VI, but that hasn’t stopped them from entering the battle with powerful new units and deadly tactics, such as the ones introduced in Slash and Burn.

The vanguard of Eldar forces advancing on the planet is led by a deadly War Walker Squadron (Slash and Burn, 57). These walkers’ heavy guns and weaponry give them a powerful ATK, but a War Walker Squadron can also be fragile if it’s isolated from other units. Fortunately, these walkers become more powerful as they are upgraded—after the War Walker Squadron is chosen as a defender, you can exhaust a Hardpoint attachment on it to cancel the attack!

You’ll need Hardpoint attachments if you want the War Walker Squadron to achieve its full potential, and fortunately, three of the four Hardpoint attachments in the game are accessible to the Eldar. Between Starcannon (The Howl of Blackmane, 18), Drone Defense System (What Lurks Below, 92), and Missile Pod (Unforgiven, 38), you’ll have plenty of worthwhile options for enhancing your War Walker Squadron and protecting them from unwanted enemy attacks.

The War Walker Squadron isn’t the only new unit the Eldar receive in Slash and Burn, though. As these walkers lead the attack on the ground, you can support them from the air with the Phoenix Attack Fighter (Slash and Burn, 58). This lightning-fast Vehicle bears the flying keyword, making it especially difficult to bring down, but the real benefit behind this fighter is its opening salvo. This unit’s ability reads, “Reaction: After units are committed to this planet, deal 3 damage to an exhausted enemy unit at this planet.” Potentially wiping out an enemy unit before the first round of combat can swing the tide of battle in your favor, and if your warlord is Eldorath Starbane (Core Set, 6), you can exhaust a unit of your choice and then target it with your Phoenix Attack Fighter!

The final Eldar card in Slash and Burn just offers another way for you to outmaneuver your opponent and gain the upper hand in your battles for Nectavus VI. This card is a new support that opens the door for unparalleled adaptability— Webway Passage (Slash and Burn, 59). During the deployment phase, you can exhaust this support as an action to switch the locations of any two army units that you control. Whether you pull weakened units off the front lines to replace them with fresh bodies, or swap two units to counter your opponent’s deployment, the Webway Passage essentially ensures that your opponent can never predict exactly where your units are going to end up.

Destroy the Servants of Chaos

The battle for Nectavus VI is intensifying, and your forces are in the thick of the action. Command your units well, and you’ll win undying glory on the field of battle; fail to do so, and your name will be utterly forgotten. You can pick up your copy of Slash and Burn on August 4th at your local retailer!

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