22 July 2016 | Star Wars: Armada

The Corellian Conflict

An Epic Campaign Expansion for Star Wars™: Armada

"Fear will keep the local systems in line."
     –Grand Moff Tarkin

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Corellian Conflict, an epic Star Wars™: Armada campaign expansion for two to six players!

The Galactic Civil War was not won in a single battle. The epic conflict at the heart of Star Wars saw countless skirmishes, waged in hundreds of systems and over thousands of planets. Even the ancient Core Worlds were touched by the spark of rebellion.

Soon, with The Corellian Conflict, you and your friends will be able to wage strategic battles for key hyperlane routes, seize vital shipyards, establish new bases, and decide the fate of the Corellian Sector. Working as teams, you will take sides with the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, then meet your foes in battle for control of vital worlds. New campaign rules guarantee that your battles have long-term consequences, and the experience you gain from your victories may prove invaluable toward the success of your overall campaign.

Finally, The Corellian Conflict introduces new objectives and squadron cards for use both in your campaign and in standard play. The expansion's twelve objectives introduce new challenges and paths to victory. And its sixteen new squadron cards add greater variety to the squadrons from your Core Set, Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack, and Imperial Fighter Squadrons Pack, allowing you to field them as some of the most legendary pilots and squadrons from the Galactic Civil War!

Your Path to Victory

The dramatic events of The Corellian Conflict and your struggles for the Corellian Sector play out over multiple campaign turns during which you and your teammates meet your foes in games of Armada, or battles. These are fought at any of the twenty-five different strategic locations depicted on the expansion's map, and the results of these battles carry forward, reshaping the sector and your position within the campaign.

You may suffer damage to your ships, leaving them weaker for ensuing battles. You may gain resources with which you can repair your ships or add to their upgrades. You may even be able to add new ships to your fleet. At the same time, your unique squadrons and the crews of well-captained ships may gain veteran status, making them more effective in future combats. Or the damage they suffer may leave them scarred. It is even possible for them to meet their demise, and all those unique ships, squadrons, or crew who do fall in battle are removed from the remainder of the campaign.

Of course, you need to pay attention to the impact your battle will have on your fleet, but it is the success or failure of your bid for the Corellian Sector, itself, that will ultimately matter most. To this end, no matter whether you play as Rebel or Imperial, you need to mind the strategic importance of all the sector's twenty-five battlegrounds, and you need to determine the best time to make your play for any of them. These different planets, stations, and asteroid belts are worth varying numbers of campaign points when you assault one and destroy your opponent's base or outpost. Moreover, many of these locations offer advantages in the terms of strategic effects that you gain while you control them.

For example, the Repair Yards at Nubia allow you to more swiftly and effectively repair your damaged ships, and the Spynet at Raider's Point provides you a token that you can spend to redeploy one of your ships or two of your squadrons after your opponent has finished deploying his fleet.

In the end, a team wins control of the Corellian Sector when it scores a set number of campaign points based on the number of players, and because each team can only score a couple of campaign points each round, The Corellian Conflict guarantees you a thrilling series of battles that mount in tension as they build toward the final campaign points… or as your opponents risk everything in a desperate gamble, throwing the remainder of their fleets at you in a one, climactic All-Out Offensive.

New Squadrons and Objectives

Even as The Corellian Conflict introduces a dynamic new campaign option to your games of Star Wars: Armada, it adds greater variety and tactical depth to your standard games with twelve new objectives and sixteen new squadron cards.

The objectives in Armada lend shape to each of your battles, ensuring that each is layered with strategy. While you can win games by destroying your opponent's entire fleet, it is often difficult to do so. Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers often prove too resilient to fall. This means that victory often goes to the player who did the best job of pursuing the strategic goals set forth by the game's objective card, and it becomes vital to balance your attention between the game's ship-to-ship combats and your pursuit of valuable objective points.

And with The Corellian Conflict, balancing these matters becomes even more vital, more dynamic, and more challenging. Not only do you double your possible options, allowing you to tailor your fleet-building more closely to your objectives, but you find a greater variety between the different challenges these objectives create—not just in how you can pursue them, but also in how much each one might be worth.

You can strip the Station advantages for your opponent and double them for yourself with Station Assault,  you can protect your fleet of small-base ships with a Jamming Barrier,  or you can race through the game's obstacles—including the new dust field obstacles—in order to get to the middle of the table and complete your Salvage Run ahead of your opponent. Whichever set of objectives you choose, they do more than simply force you to adopt new tactics; they permit you to pursue new strategies with your fleet, and they create whole new narratives over the course of your games.

Meanwhile, the sixteen unique squadron cards in The Corellian Conflict add greater utility to the squadrons from your Core Set, Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack, and Imperial Fighter Squadrons Pack.

These include some of the most storied pilots and legendary squadrons in the Star Wars universe, meaning that for the first time, The Corellian Conflict allows you to fly Biggs Darklighter alongside Luke Skywalker in Armada. You will also find Rogue Squadron,   Black Squadron,  and the new Imperial interceptor ace, Ciena Ree,  who hails from Claudia Gray's recent Star Wars novel, Lost Stars.

Best yet, because all these squadrons and objectives are all fully tournament-legal, they are destined to impact all your games, not just those in The Corellian Conflict!

The Corellian Sector Awaits You

Explore a new sector and whole new dimensions in your games of Armada. Work with your teammates. Aim for new objectives. Command some of the most storied and talented squadrons in the Star Wars galaxy. And coordinate the strategy of your battles to win the larger war. 

The Corellian Conflict is scheduled to arrive to retailers in the fourth quarter of 2016!

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