The Unseen Blade

Unforgiven Will Be Available Next Week for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


“There is a very good reason why so many of the galaxy’s cultures and societies are afraid of the dark.”
–Inquisitor Bastalek Grimm

The battle for Nectavus VI has already begun, and new forces are joining the battle. The Dark Angels chapter of Space Marines has already made planetfall, but even as they cut their way through the living jungles, unseen dangers move in the shadows. Every faction in the Traxis sector has reason to ensure that Nectavus VI does not fall to Chaos—but that hardly means they’re willing to work together. Now, you can lead your own battalions into the battle for Nectavus with the Unforgiven War Pack, available on July 7th at your local United States retailer!

As the second War Pack in the Death World cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Unforgiven invites you to journey deeper into this cycle’s new mechanics. You’ll find plenty of cards featuring the new Deep Strike keyword, allowing your units, attachments, and events to arrive at the battlefield unseen. Elite units gain power from various effects and supporting units, ensuring your opponent can’t easily get rid of them. And finally, the Space Marines receive a new Dark Angels warlord who focuses on the Deep Strike keyword, opening the road for completely new types of decks.

From the Shadows

The jungles of Nectavus VI are infused with the power of the Warp and eager for blood. Trees lash nearby creatures with thorny vines, poisoning, rending, and choking the life out of everything they touch. To survive these dangers, a warrior must be vigilant, constantly watching for any threat—yet the overt dangers of Nectavus may only serve to conceal those who hide within the shadows.

Advance forces of Dark Eldar have come to Nectavus VI at the same time as the Space Marines, drawn by the possibility of pain, suffering, and captives. From the shadows, they strike, seizing the weak and dragging them away for their own foul purposes. With the new Dark Eldar cards in this War Pack, you too can strike from the shadows, starting with the Mandrake Cutthroat (Unforgiven, 33). 

Mandrakes are feared even by other Dark Eldar, and are regarded by many as darkness given life. Their skin pulses with blasphemous runes as they move between shadows, traveling effortlessly through time and space. In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, the Mandrake Cutthroat is just one of the new cards that bears the Deep Strike keyword, allowing you hide its presence until it’s too late for your enemy. When the Mandrake Cutthroat does reveal itself, you can immediately take the life of an enemy Ally unit, cutting it down before it contributes to the battle. Though Ally units are rarely your opponent’s most powerful forces, destroying them still helps solidify your position on the planet and could even turn an engagement in your favor. 

The second Dark Eldar card in Unforgiven offers you another way to finish off weakened units. This card is A Thousand Cuts (Unforgiven, 34), and it reads, “Combat Action: Deal 1 damage to a target non-Elite army unit. Then, shuffle this card back into your deck.” One damage isn’t enough to kill most units, but A Thousand Cuts could easily play the role of a finishing blow. If your opponent only shields enough damage to leave his unit with one HP remaining, you can play A Thousand Cuts to finish off the unit. Then, you’re able to recycle the event into your deck so you can play it again and again. 

You may be worried about the possibility of having multiple copies of A Thousand Cuts clogging up your hand, but with two shields, it’s never a dead card. Finally, it’s important to note that A Thousand Cuts is a Torture event, giving it a built-in synergy with Urien Rakarth (Descendants of Isha, 116). The opportunity to play A Thousand Cuts for free whenever you draw it might be too good for you to pass up!

Enter the Jungle

The shadows between the trees are alive with danger. As the first armies clash on the surface of Nectavus VI, no one will escape unscathed. Whether you lead the Dark Eldar or another faction, you’ll find plenty of new cards to grow your armies with the Unforgiven War Pack. Pick up your copy at your local retailer next week!

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