27 June 2016 | Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars™: Armada Fleet Commander Contest

Win Wave III and Wave IV Starships for Star Wars: Armada

"All craft, prepare to jump into hyperspace on my mark."
     –Admiral Ackbar

It is an exciting time to be a fan of Star Wars™: Armada!

The game's first two waves of expansions have added tremendous diversity, size, and scope to its battles. Now your battlefields are filled by a multitude of iconic ships and fighter squadrons, and even more lie in reserve, ready to be called into battle with the upcoming releases of Waves III and Wave IV.

They may be small, but the flotillas from the Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack and Rebel Transports Expansion Pack permit an astonishing array of interesting new strategic possibilities. Meanwhile, the ships and upgrades from the Interdictor Expansion Pack and Liberty Expansion Pack encourage some dramatically new playstyles at which we hinted in our Wave IV announcement and which we will explore further in our upcoming previews.

Excited by these possibilities, fans everywhere have been sharing their favorite fleet designs. Now we encourage you to share them directly with us as part of a new way to enjoy Armada and its epic space battles…

You will soon be able to submit your favorite fleet to us as part of the Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander Contest. And you might even win early copies of the upcoming expansion packs!

How Does It Work?

Watch for our previews of the Interdictor Expansion Pack and Liberty Expansion Pack. These will provide you all the information you need to design your fleet. Then, once we post our preview of the Liberty Expansion Pack, we will invite you to head to our Armada Fleet Commander Contest entry form where you can submit your favorite new fleet. We will accept entries until Tuesday, July 5th at 10 AM (CST). Your fleet may include any number of Core Set, Wave I, Wave II, Wave III, and Wave IV components, per standard fleet-building rules, up to the maximum of 400 fleet points. Your fleet must include at least one flotilla and at least one Wave IV ship, and it must also include your choice of three objectives. Each participant may only submit one entry.

After we have received your entries, our team of developers will select their favorite fleet designs (two Imperial and two Rebel Alliance). We will share the winning lists and ask you to vote for your favorite via Twitter. Once you have seeded the entrants, our designers will play these fleets against each other in a single-elimination, in-house tournament, using all standard tournament rules. Throughout the event, we will share the result, including the developers' take on each match's key plays.

Meanwhile, even if your fleet design is not selected, you may still win an early Wave III starship expansion. Simply submitting your fleet design qualifies you for a random drawing, from which four of you will win the Wave III flotilla that matches your fleet design—the Empire's Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack or the Rebel Alliance's Rebel Transports Expansion Pack.

The Prizes

Grand Prize: At the end of the tournament, the player whose fleet design wins the tournament will win that fleet! We will ship one copy of the Core Set, plus each expansion pack needed to build that fleet.

Runners-Up: The other three players whose fleets were selected will win the Wave III and Wave IV expansion packs that match his or her chosen side (Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance).

Armada Waves III and IV introduce the Imperial assault carriers, Interdictor, Liberty, and Rebel transports.

Random Drawing: Finally, four randomly chosen participants whose fleets were not selected by our developers will each win the Wave III expansion pack that matches the side of his or her fleet (Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance).

The Developers

Who are the crew responsible for carrying out your orders? Four FFG staff members will choose the winning fleets from those you submit and play them in the in-house tournament. These include producer Michael Gernes and developers Max Brooke, Alex Davy, and Sam Stewart.

Michael Gernes

"I enjoy playing fleets that revolve around interesting squadron tactics, whether they're designed to conduct bombing runs or to counter enemy squadrons. I especially like seeing different squadron types paired together in order to take advantage of their specialist roles."

Max Brooke

"I like playing fleets that unlock new strategic options for existing components, such as through clever combinations of upgrade cards and strategic pairings of ships and squadrons. By offering new roles for ships and squadrons that most people fly in just one way, a fleet might gain a surprising bag of tricks, even while playing to its ships’ and squadrons’ standard strategic strengths."

Alex Davy

"I’m interested in fleets that choose a commander and build around that commander’s abilities in an interesting, unique way. I’m not looking for the most mathematically efficient list, I’m looking for a competitive list with some creative spark that looks like it would be fun to play."

Sam Stewart

"I like playing Rebel fleets that take advantage of their flexibility and maneuverability to strike at opponents where they are weakest."

Submit Your Fleet Design

What contribution will you make to the Galactic Civil War? Watch for your chance to head to our Armada Fleet Commander Contest entry form and submit your fleet design. All submissions are due by Tuesday, July 5th at 10 AM CST.

May the Force be with you!

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