27 June 2016 | X-Wing

Red Leader Standing By

X-Wing™ Colored Bases and Pegs Available This Thursday

"Red Leader standing by."
     –Wedge Antilles

Ever wanted to fly with the X-wing aces of Red Squadron? Or strap yourself into the cockpit of an A-wing and fly alongside Arvel Crynyd and the other members of Green Squadron? Well, you will soon have your chance… Six different colored bases and pegs for X-Wing are scheduled for U.S. release this Thursday!

Pick up yours, and outfit your ships for battle!

Customize Your X-Wing Experience

With its beautifully detailed miniatures and streamlined ruleset, X-Wing offers one of the most highly immersive gaming experiences in the Star Wars galaxy. You can almost feel the ships banking and rolling. You can almost hear the roar of their engines and the thrum of laser fire. You can almost see the fiery explosions as ships are hit and destroyed.

Because the game and its miniatures present such a rich, hands-on connection to the Star Wars galaxy, fans often look for ways to immerse themselves deeper and more fully. Instead of playing on bare tabletops, they may play atop the starry expanse of a Starfield Playmat, or wage their battles on the Death Star Assault Playmat, while the Death Star hovers ominously close to Alderaan. Similarly, it is not uncommon to see different ships repainted to form matching squadrons.

By complementing the paint schemes of your miniatures, and by making it easy to distinguish otherwise similar ships, X-Wing colored bases and pegs allow you to customize yet one more aspect of the game, further enhancing your connection to the source material and the sense of wonder it inspires.

Each of these fully tournament-legal accessory packs contains one large base, three large pegs, four small bases, and ten small pegs—enough to completely outfit a wide variety of different squadrons.

Don't Just Play Your Games. Live Them.

With X-Wing, you can enjoy all manner of imaginary Star Wars dogfights. You can see what might have happened had Luke Skywalker squared off against Darth Vader. Han Solo and Boba Fett may trade shots as they weave through asteroids. You can even build squadrons that mix pilots from different eras; for example, you could confront a swarm of TIE fighters with the Rebellion's Wedge Antilles flying alongside the Resistance's Poe Dameron.

The whole time, the game's faithfully sculpted miniatures bring these battles to life, as do the game's rules for squad-building, which allow you to change your pilots, your Astromech Droids, and your ordnance, among other things.

Now, the six newly available colored bases and pegs allow you to take the game one step further. Add menace to your Imperial squadron by outfitting them all with red bases and pegs. Make it easy to distinguish between identical ships. Brighten your table, and bring the Star Wars galaxy to life.

Six different X-Wing colored bases and pegs are due to arrive at retailers throughout the United States this Thursday, June 30th. Availability in other regions may vary.

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