Stand Against the Darkness

Shards of Everdark Is Now Available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark


“At end of ages, Karnon remain: ever strong, ever alone.”

The corruption of the Everdark has arrived in Terrinoth, turning even the greatest and noblest heroes against each other. This foul onslaught must be turned back and defeated, for the good of the entire realm. Now, you can fight these battles as a hero yourself or command the power of the Everdark with the Shards of Everdark Hero and Monster Collection, now available at your local United States retailer and online through our webstore!

Like the other Hero and Monster Collections previously released for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Shards of Everdark reintroduces monsters and heroes from the game’s first edition, complete with entirely new artwork and figure sculpts. Shards of Everdark differs from most other expansions, however, by including a single brand-new monster group: the dark minotaurs. Alongside the terrifying dark minotaurs, you’ll find four heroes and two other monster groups—the ice wyrms and the shades. Finally, two completely new quests invite you to make your stand against the forces of the Everdark and decide the fate of Terrinoth.

Shards of Everdark includes four heroes, two ice wyrms, two dark minotaurs, and five shades.

The Orrukasi

In the oldest chronicles and most ancient tales, one can find allusions to a mysterious race of woolly and secretive creatures known as the Orrukasi. Though their might is unparalleled, it is their genuine love for battle that makes them coveted allies. Some see them as harbingers of doom, others as noble guardians—regardless of what people think, one thing is known: wherever an Orrukasi appears, trouble is never far behind. Karnon’s arrival in Terrinoth serves as a welcome warning that darkness is near.

Karnon is just one of the heroes who triumphantly joins the second edition of Descent in Shards of Everdark, and as one of the Orrukasi, any group of heroes would be glad to have him fighting at their side. The Orrukasi are known for their prowess in battle and their keen sense for danger, so it’s obvious that the growing threat of the Everdark has brought Karnon to Terrinoth. 

As his hero ability, Karnon boasts a simple, yet incredibly useful ability that reflects his love of battle: each time a monster adjacent to him is defeated, Karnon recovers one fatigue. The unlimited nature of this hero ability is part of what makes it so powerful. By charging into a pack of monsters, Karnon can use his Class cards without fear, easily suffering fatigue because you can be confident that he’ll regain it all when his enemies fall before his mighty blows.

Karnon’s heroic feat can be equally powerful in the right hands. This heroic feat reads, “Use when you perform an attack with a Melee weapon that targets a minor monster, after dice are rolled. You may change the result of each attack die and power die to a different result of your choice.” Essentially, this heroic feat allows you to get the best possible result from your attack, most likely obliterating any minion monster that dares to stand in your path and clearing the way for the rest of the heroes. What’s more, destroying a monster will also allow Karnon to recover fatigue, giving him yet another opportunity to trigger the abilities on his Class cards. 

Destroy the Everdark

The deadly power of the Everdark cannot be allowed to remain—if Terrinoth is going to survive, you must fight to destroy this evil. Take up arms with Karnon and the other brave heroes from Shards of Everdark, and test your might against the dark minotaurs and other servants of the Everdark! You can pick up your copy of Shards of Everdark at your local retailer today.

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