The Warp Unleashed

Announcing the Final War Pack in the Death World Cycle


“This world shall be my hunting grounds for all eternity, and your souls my prey.”
–Vha’shaelhur, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Warp Unleashed, the final War Pack in the Death World cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

A massive portal into the Warp has opened in the skies above Nectavus VI. Blood rains down, drenching the ground, and every drop holds a tiny piece of the Immaterium that will gradually overwhelm and possess the entire world. As the power of Chaos grows, distinct forces converge to destroy the servants of the Warp before they can utterly corrupt this world. Before they can triumph, however, these unlikely allies must fight their way through the Chaos warlord—a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.

The Warp Unleashed is the sixth War Pack in the Death World cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, and as with the other War Packs in this cycle, you’ll find the focus on the terrifying Death World of Nectavus VI. Plenty of new cards with the Deep Strike keyword give you ways to surprise your opponent with unexpected tactics or reinforcements. Elite units continue to become more dangerous and viable for every faction, and finally, a new Chaos warlord invites you to call upon the Daemonic power of the Warp!

A Daemonic Incursion

The forces of Chaos on Nectavus VI are commanded by a single Daemon—a Daemon Prince of terrible power. He is utterly devoted to the pleasure and pain of Slaanesh, and dozens of Cultists support him as he serves the whims of Chaos. 

It’s immediately apparent that Vha'shaelhur  (The Warp Unleashed, 109) is a powerful combatant. Though he has only a base ATK of one, he also has the Area Effect (1) keyword that allows him to deal damage to each enemy unit at the planet, every time he attacks! Naturally, consistent Area Effect attacks can create a lot of carnage, and Vha’shaelhur can capitalize on this spectacle to call new worshippers to Chaos: after an enemy unit is destroyed while Vha’shaelhur is attacking, you can put a Cultist token into play at your HQ. 

Cultist token units can serve your greater plans by attacking in battle, but they are perhaps more useful as a source of economy: you can sacrifice a Cultist when you deploy a Daemon unit to reduce that unit’s cost by one. Since many Daemons are expensive Elite units, Cultists are very useful for reducing that cost. With Vha’shaelhur providing a consistent source of Cultists, you should be able to play your high-cost Daemons more easily.

It’s fitting, therefore, that Vha’shaelhur’s signature squad begins with four copies of a Daemon unit: the Alluring Daemonette  (The Warp Unleashed, 110). This unit is dangerous in combat, and it also gives you another way to use your Cultists. As a Combat Action, the Alluring Daemonette invites you to sacrifice a Cultist unit to lure an enemy unit from an adjacent planet to the Alluring Daemonette’s planet. By drawing enemies into the fight, you can quickly undermine your opponent’s plans or set a weakened army up for destruction.

Of course, using your Cultists to pay for Daemons and trigger your Alluring Daemonettes can be hard to maintain with Vha’shaelhur alone. Fortunately, you can also use the Tower of Worship  (The Warp Unleashed, 111) to fuel your base of Cultists. This support triggers whenever you deploy a Daemon unit, and it allows you to immediately put a Cultist token into play at your HQ! If you’re playing a Daemon every turn, the Tower of Worship can offer you a significant economic advantage over the course of the game. 

If you’re having trouble finding the Daemons you need to oppose your foes, you can simply call them to your side with Daemonic Incursion  (The Warp Unleashed, 112). Two copies of this event are featured in Vha’shaelhur’s signature squad, and by playing Daemonic Incursion, you can search the top six cards of your deck for any Daemon unit and add it to your hand. Whether you find an Ancient Keeper of Secrets (Descendants of Isha, 127) or a Soul Grinder (Core Set, 91), Daemonic Incursion can bring the most powerful Daemons to your hand when you need them.

Finally, you can simply increase the amount of carnage on the battlefield by equipping any Chaos unit with Predatory Instinct  (The Warp Unleashed, 113). This attachment simply gives the attached unit the Area Effect (1) keyword, making any unit a terrifying force on the battlefield. Perhaps the best use is to play Predatory Instinct on Vha’shaelhur himself, making his attacks even more dangerous and giving you more potential to produce new Cultists. No matter who Predatory Instinct attaches to, Nectavus VI will run red with the blood of your foes!

This World Is Mine

Chaos has laid claim to the world of Nectavus VI—will you support them with hordes of Daemons, or will you oppose the servants of the Immaterium with chainsword and bolter? Enter the final phase of the battle for Nectavus VI in the third quarter of 2016.

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