27 May 2016 | Android Fiction

Treasures from the Net

Decorate Your Device with Any of Nine Free Android Wallpapers

"PSK’s avatar was a small pink house cat with a ridiculous fish-bowl-like space helmet."
     –from Monster Slayer

Catch a glimpse of the future and decorate your desktop with nine free downloadable Android wallpapers.

Sized for your iPad, iPhone, or monitor, these wallpapers feature some of the best and most colorful depictions of the not-too-distant future available anywhere. And there are images to suit nearly every taste.

You'll find a menacing Haas-Bioroid-themed artpiece alongside a colorful rendition of the popular Princess Space Kitten. You can align yourself with the interests of Jinteki, Weyland, or NBN with gorgeous artwork of their most notable work—clones, the Beanstalk, and the satellites that coordinate the Network. And you'll find skulljacks and vibrant renditions of characters interfacing with the virtual world.

Click on the wallpaper above to view it at full size.

The future of the Android universe isn't coming; it's already here. Start your download, and bring the Network to your desktop.

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