7 April 2016 | Runebound

Keep Your Weapons Close

Runebound Combat Tokens Are Now Available


The world of Terrinoth lies open before you. Countless adventures await: in every town, in every forest, around every turn of the road, there may be a terrible monster or treasure beyond your wildest dreams. This is the world that you have the chance to enter in every game of Runebound.

Runebound is a board game of thrilling fantasy adventure for two to four players, allowing you to become a hero of the realm, gaining skills, experience, and powerful weapons before confronting a terrible nemesis. Over the course of the game, you’ll interact with the denizens of Terrinoth, embark on quests that take you across the land, and battle terrifying monsters. 

Your battles throughout Runebound take the game in an innovative new direction by using combat tokens to decide the outcome of your battles. At the beginning of a combat, you’ll cast these combat tokens. Then, you and your opponent take turns spending the results to cast spells, swing your weapon, dodge out of harm’s way, shield damage, or trigger special abilities. Every battle in Runebound is tense and filled with decisions, and you can read about the battles of Runebound in action here.

A Second Supply of Weapons

Now that Runebound has been released and your epic adventures have already begun, you may want to make sure the combat tokens are always within easy reach and close at hand, no matter how chaotic the battles of Terrinoth get. To that end, you can now pick up another copy of the Runebound Combat Tokens at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

This sheet of punchboard includes an additional copy of the combat tokens already included in every copy of Runebound, ensuring that your weapons are always ready, whenever you need them. 

Embrace your destiny and enter the world of Terrinoth through Runebound today!

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