28 April 2016 | Android: Mainframe

Jack In. Run Fast. Get Rich.

Android: Mainframe Is Now Available


::The mainframe at Titan Transnational Bank has been isolated. Its security protocols have been deactivated and the sysops shut out. You have 23 seconds to use a Sneakdoor before the security comes back online. Grab what you can. %@Naga8946::

Jack in. Run fast. Get rich. Titan Transnational Bank has been breached, and Android: Mainfame is now available at retailers throughout the United States!

Set in the not-too-distant future of the popular Android universe, Android: Mainframe is a fast-paced strategy game in which you and up to three friends compete as rival runners, competing to score the biggest haul during your spirited, twenty-three second hack through Titan's servers. You use programs to create, destroy, or relocate partitions between your opponents and the data you hope to secure, and populate new access points to ensure that your opponents don't lock you out of other parts of the mainframe.

If you thought running was all about breaking through corporate security systems, think again… Android: Mainframe is runner versus runner, and your runs have never been more challenging!

Learn More from Our Previews

Throughout your assault on Titan's mainframe, you'll need to make good tactical and strategic use of your time. Your goal is to secure as much data as possible, and to do that you'll need to secure zones within Titan's servers, even as you prevent your opponents from locking you out of other zones.

All of this is done at a blistering pace, as you get only one action on each of your turns. You can either place an access point, play a program, or pass. You'll take your action, and then your opponents will reshape Titan's servers by the time you take your next action. In order to get ahead, you need to learn how to plan for the future, and if you're successful, your success will likely stem in great measure from your ability to use your runner's signature programs to maximum effect.

It's Chaos Theory's turn, and she decides to use Zig to secure her access point within a node.

She places the partitions, secures the node, and flips her access point facedown to indicate that the node and her access point are secure and can no longer be manipulated.

Over the course of our previews, we looked at the ways you can use your programs and access points to seize control of Titan's mainframe, we looked at how the game is scored, and we revealed all the signature programs for each of the game's six different runners:

  • "See Things Differently" explored the ways you'll use your programs and access points to outmaneuver your rivals, and it looked at the runners Kate "Mac" McCaffrey and Nero Severn.
  • "The Heist" covered the basics of scoring your game and introduced the signature programs for Ji "Noise" Reilly and Olivia "Chaos Theory" Ortiz.
  • Finally, we made the full rules available for download with "A User's Guide to Titan," which also introduced the final two runners, Andromeda and Adam.

Find Fame and Fortune in the Mainframe

Twenty-three seconds may not be a lot of time, but it's nearly an eternity in the virtual space you'll inhabit during Android: Mainframe. The collapse of Titan's security systems is nothing less than monumental, and all that now stands between you and the sort of glory and riches you've always sought are the other runners hoping to shut you out.

Prove your hacker skills. Android: Mainframe is now available at retailers throughout the United States. Pick up your copy today!

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