Infesting Sacaellum

Wrath of the Crusaders Is Now Available for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


“The creatures that did this are a threat to the galaxy and must be exterminated by the light of the Emperor.”
–Inquisitor Kryptman

Sacaellum is consumed by war! As Tau auxiliaries battle the numberless soldiers of the Astra Militarum, Dark Eldar raiders swoop overhead and the warriors of Chaos plunge into the fight. In the midst of this battle, the Black Templars have arrived to safeguard the relics of St. Camila—relics more precious than the planet and the lives of everyone on it. Nearly every faction in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest has joined the fight for Sacaellum, but which side will you join? Support your faction of choice when you pick up your copy of Wrath of the Crusaders at your local United States retailer or online through our webstore.

Wrath of the Crusaders is the fifth War Pack in the Planetfall cycle, and it continues to support the major themes of the cycle, including giving increased significance to each planet’s type symbols. You’ll soon learn that your armies fight harder when the planet aligns with your faction’s goals. Within this War Pack, you’ll also gain access to the third Space Marines warlord: Chaplain Mavros, who commands the Black Templars on this planet. When you pick up your copy of Wrath of the Crusaders, you do more than join a massive battle; you decide the fate of the Black Templars’ mission!

A Foul Brood

Every faction in the Traxis sector has a stake in the conflict surrounding Sacaellum—even the hordes of Tyranids pouring forth from Kaerux Erameas want to infest the planet and absorb all biomass into the Hive Fleet. Now, with Wrath of the Crusaders, you can unleash these Tyranids on your opponents to devour every planet in the Traxis sector.

In the previous War Pack, the Tyranids received a new warlord, Subject: Ω-X62113 (What Lurks Below, 71). Using this warlord, you can ambush your Genestealer units into play at infested planets, surprising your foes with a sudden flurry of razored claws and teeth. Now, an ideal unit for Subject Ω-X62113 emerges from the ruins of the wrecked space hulk: the Genestealer Brood (Wrath of the Crusaders, 114). 

A Genestealer Brood is a formidable army unit on its own, but its ability to fuel your Genestealers in action is more important. This unit bears the Genestealer trait itself, and after you deploy this unit, you can immediately search the top six cards of your deck for another Genestealer card and add it to your hand. Essentially, the Genestealer Brood allows you to more reliably fill your hand with Genestealers, giving you the units you need to ambush into play at your infested planets.

Naturally, if you’re already infesting planets to gain access to your warlord’s ability, you most likely want to include other cards in your deck that are triggered by infested planets, such as the new Devourer Venomthrope (Wrath of the Crusaders, 113). This creature is a dangerous combatant, but it’s most potent in the command phase. After you win a command struggle at any infested planet, the Devourer Venomthrope allow you to exhaust any non-Elite army unit at its planet! By potentially activating this ability several times in a single command phase, you could exhaust the majority of your opponent’s units, leaving them defenseless before your swarms of Tyranids. 

Though your strategy may be flawless and your tactics sound, even the greatest commanders cannot foresee every possibility. When you’re caught off-guard by sudden damage or your units are exhausted by clever schemes, it may be time to call upon a Sudden Adaptation (Wrath of the Crusaders, 115). This event allow you to return any Tyranids army unit from a planet to your hand. Then, you replace that unit with a different Tyranids army unit from your hand! Though you can only replace the first unit with a unit of equal or lower printed cost, this can easily make the difference between a defeated unit and another dangerous attack. Finally, when you combine Sudden Adaptation with Subject: Ω-X62113, you may be able to bring your armies back into play much faster than your opponent expects. 

Suck This World Dry

Sacaellum is yours for the taking—all you need to do is unleash your rage on the other claimants to this planet and the Traxis sector. Whether you infest the planets that stand against you, risk your life to recover holy relics, or seek to establish strongpoints to defend the Imperium, you can enhance your decks with the new cards included in Wrath of the Crusaders

Pick up your copy of Wrath of the Crusaders at your local retailer today! 

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