31 March 2016 | Star Wars: Rebellion

The Rebellion Begins Now

Star Wars™: Rebellion Is Now Available

"The Emperor has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come."
     –Mon Mothma

Experience the thrills, heroics, and dramatic tension of the original Star Wars trilogy. Deploy fleets of Star Destroyers, battalions of AT-AT Walkers, and Stormtroopers. Conduct secret missions in the heart of enemy territory. Battle for the fate of the galaxy like never before…

Star Wars™: Rebellion is now available at United States retailers. Your rebellion begins today!

The Classic Trilogy in a Single Box

In Star Wars: Rebellion, you and up to three friends seize control of the entire Galactic Empire and the fledgling Rebel Alliance, only to engage in an epic series of conflicts that will ultimately determine the fate of the galaxy.

At the center of these struggles, you have a tense game of cat-and-mouse as the Empire searches for the location of the Rebellion's hidden base, intending to deploy there in force and end the Rebellion with one decisive battle. The Rebellion, meanwhile, must deflect the Empire's attention and fleet movements away from its hidden base in order to buy time. It must then use this time to strike against the Empire through covert missions and guerilla warfare; each of its successes exposes the Empire's weaknesses and moves the galaxy one step closer to open revolt.

Deeply inspired by the classic trilogy, these asymmetrical struggles burst with Star Wars flavor at every turn. You can enjoy massive fleet battles. AT-AT Walkers can march against Rebel emplacements. Mon Mothma may convince the galaxy's citizens to join the Rebel Alliance; Darth Vader may cow them into quiet submission. As you wage your Galactic Civil War, you will battle over planetary systems, compete for their resources, and make desperate runs at secret missions that can turn the game on its head.

Take another look at the epic scope of Star Wars: Rebellion with our teaser video.

Will Luke Skywalker become a Jedi? Will Boba Fett capture General Dodonna and freeze him in carbonite? Will Wedge Antilles destroy the Death Star, and will the Empire construct a second Death Star in time to obliterate the Rebellion's hidden base? Every game of Star Wars: Rebellion is full of dramatic tension that hearkens straight back to the classic trilogy, even as the game allows you to discover your own take on the Galatic Civil War.

The Year's Must-Have Star Wars Board Game

If you love Star Wars, and you like board games, Star Wars: Rebellion is a must-have purchase. No other board game comes close to its blend of epic, large-scale conflict and cinematic personality. You can learn more about how the game works by heading to our Star Wars: Rebellion website and reading through the previews and the rules, but what do others have to say about the game? Early reviewers have all taken different approaches, but they have been fairly unanimous on three points: The game is fun, it is truly epic, and it is distinctly Star Wars.

"Star Wars: Rebellion works because it nails that unmistakable Star Wars feeling, in which pulp action meets sci-fi grandeur, and larger-than-life heroes play out their relationships against a galactic backdrop."
     –Game Informer

"One of the biggest board games in Star Wars history."

"This was a grand slam from Fantasy Flight. They are doing the Star Wars IP much justice. Very well done."
     –The Dice Tower

"Star Wars: Rebellion is beautiful, it’s big, it’s tense, it’s interesting, and it is unquestionably Star Wars in a box. And perhaps most importantly, it’s just really fun."
     –Shut Up & Sit Down

"If you like Star Wars, or are looking for an interesting game to play with one or more of your friends, this has got to go on your list."
     –Geek & Sundry

Join the Rebellion Today!

Star Wars: Rebellion is available now at retailers throughout the United States, and there is no better time to play your part in the Galactic Civil War!

This week is Rebellion: Week One. Throughout the weekend and through all of next week, we invite you to play your games and share your results on our Rebellion: Week One website. Tell us which side won, where the Rebel base was hidden, which planets were destroyed, and how many Death Stars exploded. We will take your information and share it with the world. More than that, we want you to share your experiences. Help us envision the scenes of your battles, and we will highlight some of our favorite moments later on.

Click on the map above to enter the results of your Rebellion: Week One games.

The first shots have been fired. The senate has been disbanded. The Death Star is in motion. The fate of the galaxy is at stake. Star Wars: Rebellion is now available at retailers throughout the United States. Availability in other regions may vary. Pick up your copy today!

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