The Game of Trivia

Game of Thrones™: The Trivia Game Is Available Now


“You know what’s coming?”
  –Jaime Lannister

Enter the war for the Iron Throne wielding the most powerful weapon of all: your mind! Game of Thrones™: The Trivia Game is now available at retailers throughout North America and in our online store.

In the Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game, you and your friends compete to rule the Seven Kingdoms by using your intimate knowledge of its machinations and dealings. By answering questions about the first four seasons of the hit HBO® series, you can conquer Westeros’s most important castles, accumulate valuable resources, and earn the support of iconic characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. You may make mutually profitable alliances or pitilessly annihilate your foes, compete as individuals or do battle in teams. Whoever controls the most locations at the game’s end wins!  

The game includes over 1,200 multiple choice questions, all labeled by season. Play a single season to avoid spoiling dramatic events for players who haven’t yet seen the whole series, or progress in order from the first season’s murders and subtle schemes to the open wars and winter snows of season four. The most fearless players may want to shuffle cards from all four seasons together for a challenging and comprehensive game.

From King’s Landing to The Wall

“You have to know a land to rule it. Its plants, its rivers, its roads—its people.” 
   –Daario Naharis

As legendary rulers from Aegon I to Robert Baratheon have learned, you must have power throughout all the Seven Kingdoms to truly rule Westeros. Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game, therefore, challenges you to control castles from King’s Landing to The Wall, with every turn offering a chance at conquest. Select a small, medium, or large marker indicating whether you want to attempt one, two, or three questions. The more questions you answer correctly in a single turn, the more control you gain over a location. However, if you attempt a question and fail, your efforts that turn yield nothing, even if you have already provided one or two correct answers.

Want to simply establish your presence at in Winterfell? State whether Robb Stark was nicknamed The Maneater, The Young Wolf, or The Cub King for his prowess in battle. Do you want greater influence? Answer one question about Ser Ilyn Payne's tongue and one about a conversation that Arya overheard. To quickly amass as much power as possible, answer questions on Tyrion's mind , Sansa’s temptations, and Magister Illyrio’s guards.

Here, the markers show that one player controls King’s Landing, another one has Pyke, and another one dominates  Harrenhal. So far this round, the red and gold players have both established footholds in the Eyrie. The green player now makes a dramatic and decisive move to conquer Dragonstone. She selects a large marker, indicating that she intends to answer all three questions on the drawn card. If she fails to provide the correct answer to any of them, she cannot place her marker this round, giving her opponents a chance to occupy this barren, but strategically important, island.

Some rounds charge players to answer questions about a picture: perhaps a scene, a character, or a house sigil. Apart from the fact that each card’s questions focus on a single topic, there’s nothing different about the gameplay of a picture round.

What do we say to death? 

Productive Friendships and Common Enemies

“No one can survive in this world without help. No one.”
   –Ser Jorah Mormont 

The basic game of Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game combines strategic choices, challenging trivia, and intense interpersonal competition. Yet you can also take your battles for Westeros to another level by incorporating the game’s advanced rules. They intensify the competition by, first of all, allowing you to displace a rival’s marker with one of your own. You could use this ability to take over a location that another player thought they’d secured, or to ruthlessly eradicate others’ influence at a location you particularly desire. 

The advanced rules also introduce resources and favor cards. Each location offers a different resource: gold, swords, or ravens. The Eyrie, for instance, offers ravens, while Pyke offers swords, as you can see on the game board section shown above. Whenever you claim part of a location, you gain as many resources from it as questions you answered. So if the green player successfully places her large marker on Dragonstone, she’ll gain three gold resources. 

You can use those resources in two ways. You can spend them in purchasing favor cards, which depict iconic characters from the Game of Thrones series and offer you powerful, single-use abilties. With one gold and one raven, you can earn the support of the clever, ambitious Margery Tyrell, who enables you to ignore a question of your choice and proceed as if you’d answered it correctly. With the favor of Daenerys Targaryen, you can remove two small markers belonging to other players from the board, and replace them with your own. 

You can also use resources to entice other players into making temporary alliances. If you don’t think that you can answer one of your questions correctly, you can see if another player can. You’ll be able to place your marker on the desired location, but the player who assisted you earns the resource. Of course, you’ll want to be careful who you let assist you and who you assist. Do not focus so much on resources that you accidentally seat another player upon the Iron Throne.

Your Mind Is Your Weapon

“You know, you're not really the champion yet, are you? A true champion defeats all the challengers."
   –Joffery Baratheon

Those who have so far managed to survive playing the game of thrones—Petyr Baelish, Margaery Tyrell, Melisandre, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister—understand that knowledge is essential not only to rule Westeros, but to stay alive in it. However, knowledge alone is not enough to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. In Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game, you must unite your knowledge with cunning strategy in order to win.

Pick up your copy of Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game today! 

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