16 March 2016 | X-Wing

Prizes Worth Fighting For

Preview the 2016 X-Wing™ Regional Championship Prizes


“If all that you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing.”
   –Hera Syndulla

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce 2016 X-Wing™ Regional Championship prizes!

With its fantastic prizes, stiff competition, and thrilling atmosphere, an X-Wing Regional Championship is the event to attend for aspiring competitive players or those looking to take a step toward their National Championship or the 2016 X-Wing World Championship. Regional Championships run from April 2nd through June 12th in the United States and May through July in other countries.

What are the Prizes for 2016 Regional Championships?

Surviving countless dogfights is not an easy task. Doing well at an X-Wing Regional Championship is almost just as hard. Each X-Wing Regional Championship will award a variety of exciting prizes meant to reward successful players.

  • First Place: The winner of each Regional Championship receives a Regional Champion trophy to show off to family and friends, and one card granting the winner a first-round bye at a country’s National Championship. Any good pilot isn’t just out to win the current dogfight, they’re preparing for the next one. A bye at your National Championship is a big leg up on the competition at the next large event of the year!
  • Top Four: The top four players at the end of the tournament each receive a metal challenge coin, a great tool for determining who has initiative at the beginning of the game when squad points are tied!
  • Top Eight: The top eight players at the end of the tournament each receive a set of alternate-color dice. Show off your accomplishment at future tournaments by rolling these fantastic-looking dice!
  • Top Sixteen: The top sixteen players at the end of the tournament each receive one pack of acrylic cluster mine tokens. Level up your game with these flashy tokens!
  • Top Sixty-Four: The top sixty-four players at the end of the tournament each receive one copy of the alternate art Hera Syndulla card. A popular choice to command many Rebel fleets, you won’t want to miss out on a copy of this card!

In addition, the winner of United States and Canadian Regional Championships will earn a reserved spot at the 2016 X-Wing World Championship this November!

What are Regional Championships?

Regional Championships follow Store Championships in the Organized Play calendar and are the next level in competition, prizes, and prestige. These exclusive events offer players a chance to test their skills against the best players in their region and compete for awesome prizes, including a precious first-round bye at a National Championship.

What Tournament Tier and Structure Will be Used?

Regional Championships are larger events that promote a more competitive atmosphere than Store Championships while trying to attract a wide audience of X-Wing players. Players can come to these events expecting a high level of competition, as well as a welcoming atmosphere for less experienced players looking to enter a more prominent tournament. From the Fundamental Event Document:

Formal Tournament Tier: Tournaments at this tier expect players to possess at least a minimal amount of experience. Players should be familiar with the game rules, and be prepared to exercise that knowledge to play at a reasonable pace. The focus is a friendly competitive environment.

Advanced Tournament Structure: Tournaments at this tier expect players to have a moderate amount of experience. Players should be familiar with not only the game rules, but also the event regulations. The focus is on a competitive and fair environment.

Improve Your Skills

Over the coming months, numerous players will attend 2016 Regional Championships in an effort to win these attractive prizes and survive their dogfights. Don’t miss out on your chance to acquire some of these prizes for yourself and add them to your collection!

Note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards. To be tournament legal, these cards must be sleeved with opaque or art sleeves.

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