4 February 2016

Darryl Veigel

1950 - 2016

This week, we learned that our dear friend and long-time contributor Darryl Veigel has passed away. 

For almost fifteen years, Darryl was a passionate game demonstrator for Fantasy Flight Games at U.S. game conventions. At GEN CON and many other shows, Darryl would coach, encourage, and advocate for the amazing demonstration staff that have helped us prosper: show by show, game by game, year by year.

Yet, he was so much more than the wonderful person who contributed to FFG’s journey for so long. 

Above all, Darryl was a teacher. 

Darryl would engage and inspire kids in science and robotics. He used games as a tool for learning and to facilitate social interaction in the classroom. Many of Darryl’s current and former students accompanied him to game conventions, affectionately calling him “Mr. V,” and they skillfully and positively assisted in game demonstrations. 

Darryl's love for his students was palpable, and he put that affection into positive action each day. A few years ago, he confessed to me that one of the saddest moments in his life was when he finally was forced into retirement from teaching due to ailing health. After retirement, he founded the “Gamers of the Apocalypse” game club where he continued to engage not only former students, but anyone who would share his passion for games.

With Darryl's passing, we've lost one of the greatest ambassadors for games, a great teacher, and a terrific human being. At GEN CON, there is now an empty seat that can never be filled.

On behalf of all the men and women at FFG, I honor Darryl’s life and give thanks for the moments he chose to share with us. We extend our condolences to his family, his loved ones, and his students. 

Rest in peace, Mr. V. 


"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
–Henry Adams

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