Seeds of Corruption

Announcing a New Campaign for Road to Legend


To even the most educated minds, the dangers of forbidden magic have not always outweighed the allure. In the darkest corners of Nerekhall, many doomed scholars could not resist the urge to push the boundaries of mystic knowledge. The majority of these attempts ended in death and brutal failure… at least before the demonic uprising unleashed by Gargan Mirklace.
–Autorius of Greyhaven, Revised Chronicles, Vol. 4

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption, a new campaign in the Road to Legend companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

Your adventures in the realm of Terrinoth have sent you into the wildest places—through the ruins of dead civilizations, under the boughs of primeval forests, and into the cavernous underworld. It can be easy to let your guard down when you’re back in the Free Cities, but that would undoubtedly be a mistake. The cities are no less dangerous than the wilds, and your adventures will soon take you deep into a city with a reputation for delving into the darkest arcane secrets. 

Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption is a free campaign, coming soon to the Road to Legend companion app and inviting you to return to the dark deeds and intrigues perpetrated within the walls of Nerekhall. With seven brand-new story quests and a twisting storyline that bridges the cities of Greyhaven and Nerekhall, every group of adventurers will find more to enjoy in this new campaign. 

Important note: In addition to the Descent: Journeys in the Dark Core Set, Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption requires the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion to play. 

Alone in the Dark

From the very beginning of the Seeds of Corruption campaign, you and your fellow heroes are on your heels. When a simple job of artifact recovery goes badly wrong, you awaken to find yourself in chains, imprisoned with several others in the sewers deep beneath Nerekhall. Your equipment has been taken from you, and there’s no obvious way out. Perhaps some stroke of fate may free you, but you’ll still need to fight your way out with your bare hands until you can find your weapons and rearm yourselves. 

Even once you’ve escaped, you’ll learn that the designs of your captor—Verminous, the Rat-Thing King—may be more labyrinthine than you ever imagined. In fact, Verminous may reward you handsomely for serving him. Of course, the choice to believe him or reject his offers rests entirely with you. Still, there’s no escaping from the web of intrigues that entwines Nerekhall as the shadow of the past draws closer. Retreating from Verminous may only lead you deeper into the plots of other powers, and deciding who to trust and who to fear may quickly become complicated. 

The Shadow Has Not Passed

As you embark on your adventures, Seeds of Corruption brings you deeper into Terrinoth by giving your choices greater influence over the story of your quests. From the moment you awaken in the depths of Nerekhall’s sewers, you’ll be allowed to choose how you will interact with the people and creatures you encounter. You may agree to help a trapped relic hunter or a beleaguered merchant, or you may shun these attachments and the demands they place upon you. The choices that you make may play into which characters help you later, or who is consumed by the changelings found within this region.

Just as the choices of your conversations may determine your allies and enemies, your decisions work on a larger scale as you choose which quests to accept. Whether you support Verminous or the powers arrayed against him has potent consequences for the future of the campaign. Currying favor with one side may grant you strange abilities or priceless artifacts—but this only serves to incite the ire of your foes. In Seeds of Corruption, choosing your side can be just as important as your ability to swing a sword or incant a spell.

And of course, there’s always the temptation to play with powers better left untouched. Nerekhall has long been known as a home of dark sorcery, and though the city presents a clean face to the rest of Terrinoth, there are still those who lurk within who toy with forbidden powers. In your adventures, you’ll certainly have the chance to profit from these dark arcana—but everything has a price, even if it doesn’t seem like it. In Nerekhall, every debt is called due, sooner or later. 

Piercing the Darkness

Your adventures in Terrinoth are about to take a darker turn, as you struggle to uncover evil plots and save the cities of Greyhaven and Nerekhall. Prepare for a free new Road to Legend campaign—Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption is coming soon!

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