13 December 2016 | Mansions of Madness

Vengeful Impulses

A Scenario from Beyond the Threshold


From Cycle of Eternity to Rising Tide, from Dearly Departed to Cult of Sentinel Hill, you’ve met many mysterious folks, encountered countless of frightening monsters, and endured a number of terrifying mythos events. With every play of Mansions of Madness Second Edition, the dark powers driving your enemies draw ever nearer, forcing deeper the unease that each horror instills in you. You’ve taken them on time and time again, yet they pursue you still. Around every turn, a new horror awaits...

Beyond the Threshold, available early next year, features two unique scenarios along with a collection of map tiles, plastic miniatures, tokens, and cards to add to your game. The scenarios in this Mansions of Madness Second Edition expansion span duration and difficulty level, offering both a relatively light and short investigation as well as a more in-depth and immersive adventure. Vengeful Impulses is one such adventure, satisfying the desire for a brief yet bewitching foray into the mysterious world of Arkham, typically taking up to two hours and bearing a level-two difficulty rating. Your investigation in the scenario will take a different shape than many of your previous adventures, laying out an intricate puzzle of people to question, objects to inspect, and challenging obstacles to overcome. At its heart, Vengeful Impulses is a perplexing mystery of villainous intent and red herrings, all set in an ornate home hosting an anything-but-ordinary dinner party. 

You’re Invited

Thomas Carvey has invited you to dinner, and what a pleasure it would be if he hadn’t an ulterior motive. Carvey has suspicions that one of your fellow partygoers has it out for him, and you have been invited along in order to help identify who it is. The guest list will include four of five possible guests—Jean Spencer, Elizabeth Fairview, May Nguyen, Leland Williams, and Bruce Darzi—and any one of them could have murder on their mind. As the guest list changes with every playthrough, so will both the identity of your suspect and the other characters you'll interact with in your attempt to weed them out. 

Upon arrival, you will be given a tour of Carvey’s lavish home. An array of curious objects sit proudly on display—not the usual possessions of your everyday gentleman. Serving only to add to your curiosities is the presence of an unmarked door, which Carvey fails to address. In this grandiose abode in which he takes so much pride, what could be kept behind the door that would inspire such a loquacious man to silence? A door, it is important to note, that is locked. Though any investigator with a fondness for the arcane would savor the opportunity to examine these artifacts and sneak a peek behind the door, dinner is on the table and you have a suspect to identify and confront. 

It is likely no surprise to hear that the dinner party does not conclude without event, though not necessarily the event you might expect. After a bit of discussion, subtle interrogation, and dining, an eerie incident will disrupt both the party and your investigation, leaving you and your host in the dark—literally. 

A Shot in the Dark

Beyond the Threshold introduces four monstrous Thralls, two new playable investigators, seven new person tokens, mysterious keys, and unexplored map tiles, but you'll also notice the inclusion of twelve additional Fire and Darkness tiles. Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up yet? Don't worry, it will be soon.

Vengeful Impulses utilizes Darkness in a way you've never experienced before, making light sources not just convenient, but indispensable. As long as an investigator without a light source of any kind stands in a space filled with Darkness, they will be unable to spend Clues to convert die results or perform additional puzzle steps. Every move you make in the mansion will be more challenging, every monster more horrifying, and every mythos event more spine-tingling when you have to experience them in the penetrating blackness of night.

Just as your actions and abilities are affected by Darkness, so are the behaviors of those around you. With their movements concealed, your fellow dinner guests will begin to reveal their true selves, challenging you to identify more than just a would-be murderer, but still other characters whose intentions are far from pure. Your earlier discussions with each partygoer may reveal their motivations before they have a chance to act, but if you are unable to identify them in time, the answers you've sought from the very beginning may begin to disappear before your very eyes...

Take a Seat

Vengeful Impulses is just one of the two new and unsettling scenarios you'll experience in Beyond the Threshold, introducing new ways of experiencing the game, new threatening monsters to face, and new mythos events to withstand. Stay tuned for even more madness this month, with an upcoming preview on the expansion's second thrilling scenario, as well as the imminent release of a chilling downloadable scenario right in your Mansions of Madness app!

Mansions of Madness Second Edition's Beyond the Threshold Expansion will be available in stores early next year. 

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