11 November 2016 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Terminal Directive

A Narrative Campaign Expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game


__She was glad the bodies were gone, even if the smell still lingered. Investigator Whitney Frank had seen her share of violent crime scenes, but those ragdoll corpses with crushed skulls had left her shaken…

:: There is a SERIAL KILLER on the loose. Someone big and heavily AUGMENTED. Strong. The visual evidence suggests a BIOROID… But what you see, what you are meant to see, and what you can discover if you look more deeply—these are often different things. The mere idea that a bioroid would have committed murder calls into question every Haas-Bioroid promise about the FIRST DIRECTIVE. And those are the sorts of questions that can lead to some truly DEADLY RESPONSES.

You have a limited window of opportunity. You need to keep your efforts veiled. Boot up and jack in. There's a murderer on the loose. And you can bet you're not the only one hoping to track him down and CONTROL THE TRUTH.

// Prepare yourself for a THRILLING RACE that plays out over the course of multiple games. Each match impacts the larger shape of your investigations. Each DATA SET you unlock leads you in a NEW DIRECTION. You may have run before. You may have pursued your CORPORATE AGENDAS. But nothing you've done has yet prepared you for TERMINAL DIRECTIVE and the narrative-driven CAMPAIGN PLAY it brings to ANDROID: NETRUNNER.

There are two paths you can take. Inside Terminal Directive, you will find sealed packs of cards in two different colors. You will choose one of these colors, and it will define you.

:: RED is for the Runner.


You will open the red pack that says "Open Now." Then you will find another set of sealed cards. These will taunt you with the words, "DO NOT OPEN. Read the Terminal Directive rulebook. It will instruct you on what to do with these cards."

Naturally, as the Runner, you will be curious and wish to access these cards as soon as possible. But you will also realize that there may be brain damage involved if you proceed too hastily. There may be someone watching. This is a high-stakes game that you will need to play step-by-step.


:: BLUE is for the Corp.

You will command a vast array of resources—everything, in fact, that you find in the blue pack that reads, "Open Now." You will need these resources. The very fact that you are being called in to address a series of murders does not bode well, and you hope that the people who called you in don't fully understand what they have seen. Otherwise, they will leave you some loose ends to clean up.

Your very involvement is heavily classified, and after you receive your initial briefing from the rulebook, you will be granted access to the first set of classified data. At the proper moment, you will crack open the file and plunge deeper down the rabbit hole. You will come to understand the threat that these murders represent, and you will take action…

No matter whether you choose the red package or the blue—no matter whether you play through the campaign as Runner or Corp—the choices you make in Terminal Directive will lead you down a path from which there is no going back.

// Choosing red means you forever forfeit blue. Choosing left means you cannot go right.

As you play Terminal Directive, you track your choices—and the results of your matches—by placing stickers onto your color-coded PAD. Each player has a personal access device, or PAD, that contains all of their campaign information. Throughout the campaign, new stickers will be added to his or her PAD in open slots or to overwrite previous stickers. Only the stickers on a PAD that are currently visible affect the game.

History is written by the victor.

When one murder spawns two investigations, each with different objectives, only one side can be the first to uncover—and control—the truth. What will you do with it? What will you make of it?

Throughout our upcoming previews of Terminal Directive, we will explore the impact that your decisions have upon your "ethos," we'll look at what your Objectives and Tasks add to your investigation, and we'll reveal some of the 163 player cards that the expansion adds to Android: Netrunner.

Terminal Directive is a narrative campaign expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game. It comes with 86 Corporation cards and 77 Runner cards, including identities for the Criminal, Shaper, Haas-Bioroid, and Weyland Consortium factions. Two PAD sheets, one sticker sheet, one rulebook, and four secret packs of campaign cards and stickers allow you to track your progress. Altogether, along with the Android: Netrunner Core Set, Terminal Directive comes with everything you and a friend need to enjoy a thrilling, ongoing murder investigation in the Android universe in which your cyberstruggles and decisions directly impact the cards and stickers to which you gain access. Terminal Directive is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the first quarter of 2017!

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