28 January 2016 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Welcome to Mumbad

Kala Ghoda Is Now Available for Android: Netrunner


Welcome to the Mumbad Cycle!

Kala Ghoda is now available at retailers throughout the United States, and its sixty new cards (a complete playset of nineteen different cards) transport the characters and cybercrime of Android: Netrunner to Mumbad, the Indian Union's most populous megapolis. Here, we find the nation embroiled in the midst of a turbulent national election. At the center of the controversy? Clone rights.

Are clones property? Should they be granted full citizenship? These are questions that strike to the very center of some of the world's largest megacorps, even as they recall the ghosts of the Indian Union's caste-driven past, and now you'll find them explored in various forms through the cards in Kala Ghoda. Naturally, you'll find Jinteki racing to avert a possible crisis, but they're not the only Corp with a vested interest in ensuring that there's no major disruption in the nation's workforce.

Even as the game's Runners look to exploit the political upheaval within the Indian Union, Kala Ghoda grants the game's Corporations all-new ways to fight together for the status quo.

Alliances of Convenience

Kala Ghoda and the Mumbad Cycle mark the introduction of new deck-building possibilities for both Runners and Corps, the latter of whom can now take advantage of their very first alliance cards. You'll find nine of these new operations and assets in Kala Ghoda (three copies each of three different cards), and each allows you to pursue new Corp strategies based around integrating your faction's strengths with out-of-faction cards. Whenever you meet an alliance card's deck-building restrictions, you can add it to your deck without tracking its influence cost.

In this way, Jinteki can use its Heritage Committee (Kala Ghoda, 13) to establish better relations with the Indian Union's other major corporations and leverage their influence in the National Elections. After all, who doesn't like good, filtered card draw, especially when all you have to do to get that card draw influence-free is add a few copies of Precognition (Core Set, 73) and Snare! (Core Set, 70) or similar Jinteki cards.

In fact, Precognition and Heritage Committee can work so well in combination with an Accelerated Beta Test (Core Set, 55) that even Haas-Bioroid might be tempted to rethink its support of the clone suffrage movement in favor of forming an alliance with Jinteki.

Similarly, if you can meet their deck-building restrictions, you can take advantage of the Mumba Temple (Kala Ghoda, 18) or the Museum of History (Kala Ghoda, 19) without paying either card's influence cost. Theoretically, you could play both in the same deck—and pay zero influence for them—but it would require a great deal of imagination to design a deck that used more than fifty cards and no more than fifteen pieces of ice. Of course, these new alliance cards exist to spur imaginative new deck designs, so we may still see the rise of these fifty-card, low-ice decks!

Shape the Course of the Election

Along with its new alliance cards and other Corp cards, Kala Ghoda promotes the design of new Runner strategies through the introduction of new consumer-grade hardware, like the  Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI (Kala Ghoda, 2), of which you can include up to six copies in a deck. Additionally, you'll find a new Shaper, Jesminder Sareen (Kala Ghoda, 6), who runs to keep her politician sister safe from harm.

On its own, her ability to avoid the first tag she takes during each run has some important situational benefits, such as on runs into a server protected by a Data Raven (Core Set, 88), but it has even more potential when she utilizes her signature console, Maya (Kala Ghoda, 7), which allows her to move any card she accesses from R&D to the bottom, once per turn, at the cost of a tag. Because Sareen can simply ignore this tag, she can continue on multiple runs, and that means if she's mining R&D two or more times in a row, she'll have better odds of scoring an agenda or at least preventing the Corp from drawing one of its most important cards.

Join the Debate

Head to the Indian Union and join the heated debates over clone rights… or exploit the controversy toward your own personal agenda. One of the most flavorful chapters in the Android: Netrunner card game has now begun. Pick up your copy of Kala Ghoda today!

Kala Ghoda is now available at retailers throughout the United States. Availability in other regions may vary.

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