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Treaty of Champions Is Now Available for Descent


A terrible demon once threatened the existence of all life in Terrinoth until a group of noble heroes bound and imprisoned it. Now, those heroes have disappeared, and the magical ties that keep the demon from breaking free are beginning to weaken. A new generation of heroes must arise: Treaty of Champions is now available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark at your local retailer and online through our webstore.

Treaty of Champions is a Hero and Monster Collection, and like other expansions of this type, it introduces a variety of heroes and monsters from the first edition of Descent into the second edition with tweaked abilities and completely new artwork and figure sculpts. Here, you’ll find four intrepid heroes and three terrifying monster groups—demon lords, skeleton archers, and an entirely new Descent monster group: the crow hags. When you combine these figures with two completely new quests that you can bring into an existing campaign, Treaty of Champions invites you to once more enter the land of Terrinoth!

Features four heroes, two demon lords, five skeleton archers, and three crow hags. 

A Warrior Indeed

One of the heroes who may join your struggle to keep the monstrous demon from escaping is none other than the redoubtable Krutzbeck. Krutzbeck loves to fight, a simple truth that he and his friends accepted long ago. From the distinct odor of sweat mixed with blood to the chaos and uncertainty that follows an ill-timed strike, Krutzbeck lives to exchange blows with those larger than himself. While his love of collecting battle scars may alarm his companions, as long as there’s an enemy whose head needs parting from their shoulders, Krutzbeck is a worthwhile ally.

As part of your hero party, Krutzbeck is a truly dangerous warrior. His low speed of three can make it difficult for him to get into the fight, but once he arrives, he wants nothing more than to fight until bloody. Krutzbeck’s hero ability makes him more dangerous as a fight goes on—while Krutzbeck or a hero adjacent to him has taken six or more damage, each of Krutzbeck’s attacks deal two additional damage, enabling him to cleave his way out of seemingly hopeless fights.

Krutzbeck also has the potential to fell even the mightiest monsters with a single blow when he uses his heroic feat. After you roll your dice in an attack, you may trigger Krutzbeck’s heroic feat to immediately suffer three damage. Then, you roll three red power dice and replace your previous attack results with the results of the red power dice! Naturally, this attack allows Krutzbeck to hit incredibly hard, potentially slaying a monster blocking your way. You could even use this heroic feat to cancel a missed attack, ensuring that you deal damage when you need it most.

Bind the Demon

There is a deadly threat to Terrinoth that must be confronted. Is your group of heroes up for the challenge? Gather your hero party or call up your legions of monsters, and reenter the world of Terrinoth with this Hero and Monster Collection!

Pick up your copy of Treaty of Champions at your local retailer today.

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