28 January 2016 | The End of the World RPG

Extraterrestrial Life: Confirmed

Alien Invasion Is Now Available


“It had her face… It had her face… It had her face… It had her face… It had her face… It had her face…”
–A nameless survivor of the Visages

The waters of our oceans broil and disgorge an army of undersea warriors. Shiny, chrome saucers zip between the skyscrapers of major cities. You see your neighbor watching you through the blinds just after you found the same neighbor dead in the hedge that divides your yards. No matter where you are, no matter the specifics, one thing is clear: Earth is under attack!

Alien Invasion, the third book in The End of the World roleplaying game line created by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore. Like the other books of The End of the World line, Alien Invasion invites you to come as close as you (safely) can to humanity’s last days. As extraterrestrial invaders attack and civilization crumbles, you choose how you would react and what you will do. Five unique scenarios, each divided into an apocalypse and a post-apocalypse, invite you to experience the alien assault again and again.

Running from Ray Beams

Every game of Alien Invasion extends the same invitation to you: the chance to play as yourself in the midst of the apocalypse. Rather than playing a legendary warrior or a mighty wizard, you’ll play as an abstracted version of your real-life persona, abruptly cast into the tumult and chaos inherent to the apocalypse. 

During a game, you'll not only use your own skills and abilities, but your adventure begins in your hometown. You may turn on your television and hear news of abductions only to see a saucer landing down the street from your house. You may be arrested by police under the leadership of a strange, reptilian figure. You may head to your local grocery store, hoping there’s still something left for you to loot. As you play, you can use your knowledge of familiar streets and landmarks to evade alien hunters or plot resistance strikes against your extraterrestrial oppressors. 

The different scenarios within the Alien Invasion book share a common theme, but the variations within that theme can be as different from each other as the different books of The End of the World line. With five distinct scenarios, Alien Invasion may challenge you to fight creatures that assume the shape of your friends and loved ones, aliens that ruled Earth behind the scenes for centuries, or even giant ants from outer space! In December, Tim Cox, the writer for Alien Invasion, shared a designer diary in which he talked about one of his favorite scenarios in the book: the War Between Worlds scenario.

Each scenario is split into two parts: an apocalypse and a post-apocalypse. At the onset of the game, you’re caught in the throes of the apocalypse as extraterrestrials suddenly attack our planet and our established way of life comes crashing down. Sooner or later, however—if you survive—a new normal begins to emerge. Earth is most likely unrecognizable in the post-apocalypse: you may join a resistance movement fighting our intergalactic overlords or adapt to life in a world filled with gigantic ant-like creatures. No matter which scenario you play and no matter what choices you make, you can be sure that Earth will never be the same.

We’ve Made First Contact

The first flying saucers have already landed. The invasion is here. Experience the endless replayability, variable game length, and unique personal aspect of The End of the World roleplaying game line. Pick up your copy of Alien Invasion at your local retailer today!

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