24 September 2015 | Android: Netrunner LCG

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Floor Rules for Android: Netrunner are Now Available


Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the debut of a new rules document for Android: Netrunner. Written and designed as a guide for judges and tournament organizers around the world, the Android: Netrunner  floor rules includes recommendations on handling common situations at a tournament, a comprehensive list of infractions, and more.

A Judge Resource

Although some players will inevitably read the Android: Netrunner floor rules, this document is not meant for players. (The Android: Netrunner  rules, FAQ, and tournament rules contain everything a player needs to know when playing in a tournament.) The floor rules are a resource that gives judges and tournament organizers a framework with which to make rulings and resolve issues that come up during competitive play.

The Android: Netrunner floor rules cannot contain every situation a judge will encounter over the course of multiple tournaments. Instead, the language within the document is directed at defining broad categories of errors called infractions, giving examples of these infractions, and providing a philosophy behind each them. With this information, judges will have everything they need to handle 99% of the situations they come across. For the rare time when the document does not cover a particular situation, the head judge of the tournament is granted the power to use his or her best judgment based upon the philosophies within the document.

Competitive and Casual Play

The Android: Netrunner floor rules are meant for use at the higher levels of play. These are rules that will be enforced at events such as our Championship series of tournaments (Store, Regional, National, and World Championships), and they can also include different courses of action depending on the level of play (competitive or premier). While we encourage communicating the philosophies contained within the document to players at casual-level tournaments, the Android: Netrunner floor rules are not meant for use at smaller and less competitive events.

A Living Document

We have worked hard to create a document that will stand up to all of the use it will see in tournaments across the world in the coming months and years. However, the goal of the document is to give judges the best resource possible to help run tournaments, and we will occasionally update this document as needed to better serve the needs of those supporting Android: Netrunner.

Are You in Interested in Judging?

If you judge Android: Netrunner tournaments or are interested in doing so, the floor rules are a document you should be familiar with! Download them now and become acquainted with how you can best handle the situations you may encounter.

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