17 September 2015 | Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Vader's Fist

Preview the Stormtroopers Villain Pack for Imperial Assault

“And these blast points, too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.”
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

The white armor of Stormtroopers is a common sight throughout the Star Wars™ galaxy – a universal mark of the Empire’s superior strength and unlimited resources. Legions of Stormtroopers are dispatched across the Empire to enforce loyalty and keep the systems in line. With the Stormtroopers Villain Pack for Imperial Assault, you can swell your armies of Stormtroopers and spread the power of the Empire everywhere!

The Stormtroopers Villain Pack offers three sculpted plastic Stormtrooper figures with an alternate pose to the Stormtroopers found in the Imperial Assault Core Set. In addition to these figures, you’ll find brand-new missions and cards to bring the spotlight to your Stormtroopers in both campaigns and skirmishes. 

Today, we’ll explore the new tactics and cards introduced in the Stormtroopers Villain Pack and the changes they offer for your games of Imperial Assault!

The Might of the Empire

Although the Stormtroopers and elite Stormtroopers are unchanged from the Core Set, this figure pack is full of new missions and cards for your campaigns and skirmishes. In the campaign game, the Imperial player may benefit from choosing the Vader’s Fist Agenda set. For three influence, you can challenge the heroes to attempt the Bunker Buster Agenda mission – a deadly attempt to sabotage the training facility of the renowned 501st Stormtrooper division. 

Against such a daunting task, the heroes may well choose to pass on to easier missions, and if they do, you gain access to the 501st Training Reward card. 501st Training can be attached to any Trooper figure group, granting some powerful abilities to the attached group. A Trooper trained by the 501st can spend a single action to perform an attack and gain two movement points, helping you take advantage of the Stormtroopers’ squad training. You may also spend two actions to recover three damage and become Focused, setting up a devastating attack against the Rebel heroes on your next activation.  

The other Agenda cards included in Vader’s Fist are no less dangerous. To the Last Man dramatically increases the attack and defense of a single Stormtrooper, provided he’s the last figure remaining in his group. In other situations, Stunning a figure can accomplish much more than dealing damage. At times like that, you can play the Set for Stun Agenda card to cancel the damage of an attack and Stun your target instead. With the might of the 501st supporting you throughout a campaign, your Stormtroopers become much more dangerous to the Rebel heroes.

Trooper Strike Team

Even though the Stormtroopers have already been introduced to your games of Imperial Assault, the Stormtroopers Villain Pack has plenty to offer to your competitive skirmishes, whether you’re playing in your home or in a high-caliber tournament. 

First, this figure pack introduces a new skirmish upgrade for your Troopers: Vader's Finest . This skirmish upgrade can be attached to any of your Trooper units, and it grants the figures some powerful additional abilities. While enhanced with Vader’s Finest, your Troopers can spend a single action to perform an attack and gain two movement points, which helps them make the most of their squad training. Alternatively, a Trooper figure can prepare for a future engagement by spending two actions to discard a Harmful condition and become Focused. The ability to Focus on command is especially useful when you plan to win by destroying your opponent’s army. 

The Stormtroopers Villain Pack also offers four Command cards to enhance your Troopers, starting with Reinforcements . You can play Reinforcements at the start of a round to choose one of your defeated Troopers with a reinforcement cost of three or less. Then, you can replace the defeated figure on the board adjacent to any other figure of its group. You can include two copies of Reinforcements in your Command deck, and if choose to do so, you’d significantly increase the staying power of your Troopers.

Alternatively, you may choose to Stun a dangerous foe rather than simply adding more damage. With the Set for Stun Command card, any figure may perform an attack. If your target would suffer damage, you cancel all damage dealt and Stun the figure instead. Stunning dangerous foes like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker can prove essential to ultimately taking them down. Finally, you may train your figures in Stealth Tactics . This Command card can be played while defending to add a white die to a small figure’s defense pool! If you have a figure racing to complete an objective, Stealth Tactics can help ensure that you reach your objective alive. 

Mobilize the Legions

Legions of Stormtroopers await the Emperor’s command to march throughout the galaxy and crush the Rebellion. In Imperial Assault, you have the honor of commanding those legions. Take control with the Stormtroopers Villain Pack, and pre-order your copy of this expansion at your local retailer today!

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