16 September 2015 | X-Wing

Enter A New Era

New X-Wing™ FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available


Each generation of pilots sees its fair share of spectacular battles, harrowing missions, and far too many deaths. Each experience is a lesson, and those that survive learn from them. As experienced pilots move up in rank, retire, or suffer the ultimate fate in war, new recruits take their place and learn the same lessons all over again.

New X-Wing™ products have been released, and with them, some big changes are taking place within the game. Download the new X-Wing  FAQ (pdf, 10.5 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 768 KB) now to learn more about these changes. For those participating in larger scale battles, the Escalation (pdf, 3.6) and updated Epic tournament rules (pdf, 4.8 MB) can be found on the X-Wing page.


These changes will go into effect on October 1st, 2015.

A Word from the Developer

Greetings, pilots!

This update to the tournament rules contains an important change to the way tournament scoring works: players will now earn half of the squad points of any enemy large ship that has been reduced to half its starting durability
or lower.

Previously, heavy hitting, hard-to-kill ships enjoyed an unintended advantage in tournament play: they could act as a sort of bank vault for squad points, allowing players to run out the clock and eke out wins in games they may have otherwise lost. With this change, the power of that strategy will diminish, at least to a degree. We believe this change will help ensure that a greater number of squads are tournament viable, improving the overall competitive diversity of the game.

Additionally, we have clarified what is and is not allowed during squad deployment: players are free to use movement templates and range rulers to assist with placing their ships in the setup area, but may not use these tools to plot out the future movements of their ships in advance.

For information on the new set and FAQ changes, please read my explanation in today's article on the future of X-Wing™.

Alex Davy

Whether you’re a veteran X-Wing player or a green pilot entering the game for the first time, it’s important to understand the new changes fully. Download the FAQ and tournament rules now to learn all of the rules that will help you stay alive to teach future generations!

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