The Wild Awaits

Bonds of the Wild Is Now Available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark


“If you train a falcon well, you begin to trust her more than your own eyes.”
–Vyrah the Falconer

Long ago, Mabinogi the adventurer searched across Terrinoth for the mythical Tree of Life. Returning with a single branch clutched in his hand, Mabinogi healed the plagues that ravaged his cities, but as centuries passed, the branch was lost. Now, rumors say that this healing branch has been found again. For the good of all Terrinoth, a few adventurers must brave the dangers and recover this treasure! Begin your adventure with the Bonds of the Wild Hero and Monster Collection, now available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark at retailers throughout the United States and online through our webstore.

Like other Hero and Monster Collections, Bonds of the Wild introduces four heroes and three monster groups previously only available through the first edition of Descent. Twenty-two plastic figures are included in this expansion: four heroes, twelve kobolds, four hellhounds, and two deep elves, and each of these figures benefits from updated sculpts and artwork. What’s more, Bonds of the Wild introduces two brand-new quests that chronicle your search for the Branch of Life – One Man’s Trash and Bonds of the Wild.  

Contains four heroes, twelve kobolds, four hellhounds, and two deep elves.

Eyes in the Sky

One of the heroes that fights alongside you in Bonds of the Wild is none other than Vyrah the Falconer. Vyrah once worked for a prestigious household as a falconer, and as a reward for his service, he was given first pick of falcon hatchlings. When the manor caught fire on a dry summer night, it was his falcon’s screeches that woke Vyrah. Between the early warning and Vyrah’s quick thinking, many birds and people were saved that night. Vyrah found strength and resolve he had never known, and devoted himself to saving others. Now, his quest to save others has led him to quest for a branch from the Tree of Life.

In your campaigns, Vyrah the Falconer benefits from having access to his falcon familiar, Skye . Skye flies high above the battlefield, helping you spot monsters and directing your Ranged attacks with more accuracy. Each time a hero performs a Ranged attack that targets a monster adjacent to Skye, the attack gains two additional range. Then, after dice are rolled, you may discard Skye from the map to add an extra damage to your attack.

Discarding Skye from the map doesn’t mean that she’s gone forever though. Vyrah the Falconer’s hero ability allows you to place Skye on your space if she’s not on the map at the start of your turn. You may also use Skye as a combatant in dire circumstances. Vyrah’s heroic feat allows you to perform a Melee attack with Skye, using a blue, red, and yellow die. By striking from above at the right time, Skye can take down a key monster on her own.

Fire and Stone

Vyrah and Skye will face countless monsters in the quest for the Tree of Life, including the deadly hellhounds. An unholy mixture of fire and wrath, hellhounds are born predators. Packs of hellhounds feed on terror and focus on isolating their victims to deepen their prey’s despair. In the midst of this awful solitude, the hellhounds tear into tender flesh with rocky claws and burning teeth. Those who fall quickly to the flames are considered fortunate.

When you play as the overlord, the hellhounds can help to split the heroes and take them down one by one. All hellhounds are fleet of foot and their stone claws can pierce through even the thickest armor. Hellhounds also bear the Hunt ability – by spending a surge during an attack, you can remove your target from the map and place it in any space adjacent to the Hellhound, allowing you to drive the heroes forward to their inevitable doom. 

Master hellhounds can even afflict multiple heroes with the Fire Breath ability. If you trigger Fire Breath during an attack, your attack can afflict multiple heroes as you spread hellish flames across the map. With the hellhounds at your service, you can hunt down the heroes and spread darkness across Terrinoth once again.

Search for the Branch

The hunt for the Branch of Life has begun. Will the heroes recover this mighty artifact and use it for the good of all? Or will the forces of evil in Terrinoth conspire to twist the Branch of Life for their own nefarious ends? You can help to determine the fate of Terrinoth in this Hero and Monster Collection!

Pick up your copy of Bonds of the Wild at your local United States retailer today.

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