Win Over Hearts and Minds

Diplomat Specialization Decks Are Now Available

“You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”
   –Obi-wan Kenobi

Some of the most crucial battles in the Galactic Civil War don’t take place on physical planetary battlefields or between starfighters in space. They shed no immediate blood, and no casualties can be counted. These battles are fought over the airwaves, through protests in the streets, and behind the closed doors of negotiation rooms. Diplomacy may not often involve risking your life, but it is just as vital to the Rebellion as shooting down TIE fighters or breaking into Imperial outposts—and it can be just as thrilling.

Four new Diplomat Specialization Decks for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game help you find the data, words, and persuasive tactics that you’re looking for. They let players and Game Masters easily reference every talent in the Diplomat Signature Abilities and the new Advocate, Analyst, and Propagandist specializations featured in Desperate Allies. Each card features the key details for a single talent and thematic full-color art that brings the Star Wars universe to life. With these cards in hand, you can focus on fighting the battle for the galaxy’s hearts and minds, whether that means disclosing Imperial secrets or making treaties. 

Voices of Revolution

Diplomacy can’t solve all of the galaxy’s problems, but it is the only route to solving any of them in a meaningful way. It involves much more than glamorous appearances and heated discussions at the negotiating table. In serving the Rebel Alliance, a Diplomat may make public classified Imperial information, or help unite Rebel cells across the galaxy with the power of their words. A Diplomat may be a former senator of the Old Republic or a passionate young recruit with a knack for communications. He may work with military personnel without ever seeing the front lines, or may be the quickest to draw a blaster of anyone in your group. The twenty cards in each of these Diplomat Specialization Decks help you keep track of the unique talents of every member of your diplomatic corps.

-Analysts know that knowledge is power, and their ability to discover and dissect important data makes them invaluable to the Rebel Alliance. These shrewd intelligence operatives work on the fly, in the field, wherever information can help win the war.

-Part political strategist, part counselor, and part negotiator, Advocates are master wordsmiths. They often work with public speakers, soldiers, or spies, shaping rhetoric that unravels the Empire’s arguments and persuades Rebel sympathizers to at last take up arms.

-Propagandists both pursue the truth and manipulate it to serve their own ends, mingling fact with fiction for the sake of conveying a powerful message. They can inspire heroism in everyday citizens or reveal the Empire’s darkest secrets to a massive audience.

Smart Solutions and Shrewd Insights

Two Diplomat signature abilities are introduced in the Desperate Allies supplement: Diplomatic Solution and Unmatched Insight. The Diplomat Signature Abilities Specialization Deck allows players and Game Masters to easily access details for both of them. Each of the deck’s eighteen cards provides the text for a single talent or upgrade within that ability. 

Diplomatic Solution enables a character to spend two Destiny Points and make a Charm check to diffuse an erupting conflict between sentient creatures and handle the situation as a social encounter instead. At it’s most advanced level, Diplomatic Solution can be used even in the middle of a fight, not just at the beginning, and can provide friendly characters a boost die on social checks until the encounter ends. Unmatched Insight gives Diplomats an astounding ability to read the sentients they are interacting with. By spending two Destiny Points, a Diplomat can immediately learn the basic histories and emotional states of three other participants in the current scene. Upgrades allow the Diplomat to discern other characters’ motives and translate their knowledge into leverage that might be able to win a negotiation. 

Control the Message

Without winning the battle for the populace’s hearts and minds, the Rebel Alliance can never win the Galactic Civil War. Diplomats are the best fighters of that battle, whether they fight by compiling data, crafting speeches, or putting a positive spin on unfortunate news. If you want the Rebel Alliance to shatter Imperial control of the galaxy, you will first need to become an adept politician, an insightful interpreter of data, and a master manipulator of both the Rebel and the Imperial message.

Pick up these Diplomat Specialization Decks from your local retailer or our online store today! 

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