Might and Right

Guardian and Warrior Specialization Decks Are Available Now

“You must do what you feel is right, of course.”
   –Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game takes place in the midst of the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, a time of intense military and moral conflicts for the entire galaxy. As one of those select few who can sense the Force and use it for good, you will be bound up in those all-consuming conflicts. The moment will likely come when you will be compelled to take up your lightsaber, take aim with your blaster, or go hand-to-hand and fight to better the lives of countless other sentient beings. You will have to decide when brute force is necessary, and where the line between belligerence and peacekeeping truly lies.

Characters who take up the Guardian and Warrior careers in Force and Destiny possess a determination to make the galaxy more just, safe, and peaceful for its inhabitants – even if pursuing peace means becoming involved in war. Now, six new Specialization Decks enable players and Game Masters to easily reference every talent in the Core Rulebook specializations of these two careers. Each deck contains twenty cards, and each card contains the text for a single talent with thematic art to immerse you more fully in the Star Wars universe. With the cards of your Specialization Deck in hand, you can focus on fighting the good fight and protecting those who can’t fight for themselves. 

Stalwart Defenders 

Those who take up the Guardian career are driven by a strong sense of responsibility and compassion. They possess both prodigious combat prowess and natural leadership skills, so they can fearlessly enter combat zones and hold the line against enemy armies while non-combatants escape, or protect refugees and work to create a secure future for them. Despite their strong training in warfare and fighting, Guardians prefer to establish peace and tend to defend rather than attack. Some Guardians remain loyal stewards of a single sector or planet throughout their lives. Others travel throughout the galaxy, going wherever the Force summons them, wherever they are needed. These three Specialization Decks let you harness the developing talents of your Guardian character as you strive to make the galaxy safe and secure.

•    Peacekeepers enter war-torn regions and intercede to fight for freedom, protect the innocent, or enforce treaties and justice after conflict ends. They are capable leaders and steeled fighters, able to command entire armies or spearhead an underground insurgency.
•    Protectors are determined to prevent those who cannot protect themselves from being harmed. They combine medical knowledge and defensive training to shelter refugees, guard the weak, or hold the battle line until non-combatants can safely escape.
•    Soresu Defenders have mastered the art of lightsaber self-defense. These martial artists are trained to remain resolute in the face of deadly perils, and can take on hordes of enemies or rains of blaster fire, armed only with a lightsaber and the omnipotent Force.

Indomitable Fighters 

Wholly dedicated to mastering the arts of war, Warriors are focused combatants who use the Force to augment their already incredible fighting abilities. Some legends even say that the Jedi Order began when a group of warriors worked to integrate Force techniques into their physical training. Yet a Warrior’s greatest strength can also be a dangerous weakness. Violence and aggression are an easy path to the dark side. Warriors must always question whether it may be better not to fight, and they must always be mindful of the people and principles that they are fighting for. Specialization Decks let Warrior PCs keep all their combat talents right before their eyes, so they can remain focused on both the battle and the reason they're fighting it.

•    Aggressors often use fear to make their foes surrender or retreat in order to avoid a fight. They are best at taking down criminal enforcers and underworld thugs, their powers of coercion just as formidable as their punishing strength.
•    Shii-Cho Knights are experts in the most ancient and enduring form of lightsaber fighting. Gifted with natural athleticism and flexibility, they don’t concern themselves with style or appearance, but remain focused on what matters most – victory.
•    Starfighter Aces prefer to fight among the stars, rather than planetside. Your natural piloting skills are matched only by your mechanical acumen, uncanny abilities in astrogration, and strength in the Force. No one can dodge fire or destroy enemy starfighters as well as you.

Take Your Weapons In Hand

In the Force and Destiny roleplaying game you may find yourself wielding a lightsaber in the midst of battle, firing a blaster as part of an insurgent uprising, or using fear as your weapon in chaotic city streets. You may shield species persecuted by the Empire or wage war against a notorious crime boss. No matter who you protect as a Guardian or who you defeat as a Warrior, these six Specialization Decks let you enter the fray with all your talents conveniently in hand. 

Pick up your Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Specialization Decks today! 

    •    Guardian Peacekeeper
    •    Guardian Protector
    •    Guardian Soresu Defender
    •    Warrior Aggressor
    •    Warrior Shii-Cho Knight
    •    Warrior Starfighter Ace

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