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Announcing Three New Lieutenant Packs for Descent: Journeys in the Dark


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce three new Lieutenant Packs for Descent: Journeys in the Dark:

  • Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack
  • Zarihell Lieutenant Pack
  • Ardus Ix’Erebus Lieutenant Pack

From the fiefdom of Bilehall in Waiqar’s domain, three new lieutenants emerge, eager to carry out your plans for evil across the realm of Terrinoth. You may work dark sorceries with the vampire, Kyndrithul; call upon the spirits of the dead with Zarihell; or harness the centuries of battle experience with the undead warrior, Adus Ix’Erebus. No matter which lieutenant you choose to as your agent, you can call upon the fury of the dead in any game of Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

Like other Descent Lieutenant Packs, each of these three expansions introduces a sculpted plastic figure to replace a token included in the Mists of Bilehall expansion. You’ll also gain access to each lieutenant’s ten-card Plot deck and the threat tokens that power it. (For the full Descent Lieutenant Pack rules, visit the Descent support section.)

Lord of the Night

With the Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack, you can request the aid of Kyndrithul, lord of House Dalibor, a renowned sorcerer, and a vampire. Of late, Kyndrithul has withdrawn from the politics and backstabbing ways of his vampiric kin. Instead, he prefers to study his sorcery, daily growing in knowledge and power. Now, you can unleash Kyndrithul’s dark powers on any Descent campaign with the aid of his Vital Essence Plot deck.

The Vital Essence Plot deck invites you to drain the life from the heroes and leave them to bleed out. This Plot deck centers around the Broken Plot card. Whenever a hero is defeated, you can exhaust Broken. Then, instead of gaining a threat token or drawing an Overlord card, you can place a threat token on one of the hero’s Class cards with a fatigue cost. Whenever the hero attempts to trigger that Class card, he must spend one additional fatigue. By slowly increasing the number of fatigue tokens a hero must suffer, you can leave the hero party too exhausted to continue their quest.

If you summon Kyndrithul himself to fight alongside your monsters, you’ll find that he’s a deadly combatant. Kyndrithul can harness his sorcery to attack and feed on the bodies of fallen heroes to restore his own health. As your agent, Kyndrithul may even enthrall the heroes, fostering dissension in their ranks and tearing them apart from within. 

The Dead Serve Her

You can call upon all the spirits of the dead with the Zarihell Lieutenant Pack. Zarihell is an elf, old beyond knowing, with a powerful command over the spirits of the dead. While Waiqar suffers her to exist in his domain, she serves none other than herself – though you may persuade her to join your cause in another campaign across Terrinoth.

The Zarihell Lieutenant Pack features the ten-card Eternal Agony Plot deck. Zarihell excels at toying with her prey, cutting them apart piece by piece before moving in for the final blow. For example, you may use the Pins and Needles Plot card when a hero suffers exactly one damage to force that hero to suffer an additional two damage and one fatigue! Whether you’re punishing the heroes for using surges or cutting away at their stamina, the Eternal Agony Plot deck will have the heroes wishing for death long before it comes.

When she deigns to join the battle, Zarihell fires dark magic and inflicts excruciating agony on any nearby heroes, preventing them from spending surges in battle. Zarihell can even take a soul captive, allowing her to make an attack with a hero before that hero is defeated. However you use Zarihell and the Eternal Agony Plot deck, you’ll bring the corrupting influence of the Mistlands to any Descent campaign.

Master of Tactics

Finally, you may stand beside Ardus Ix’Erebus, a member of Waiqar’s first and greatest legion, the Deathborn Legion. Ardus has lived for centuries and fought in countless battles, giving him unparalleled first-hand knowledge and understanding of tactics. With the help of this undead commander and his First Legion Plot deck, even the lowliest monster fights beyond your expectations. 

The First Legion Plot deck invites you to use Ardus Ix’Erebus’s battlefield knowledge to your advantage. You can increase your monsters’ attacks, reward them for fighting in formation, or inspire them all minion monsters to use the abilities of a master monster with Rise to the Challenge . Although these lesser creatures may never attain to the level of Waiqar’s Deathborn Legion, the leadership of Ardus Ix’Erebus certainly makes a difference.

Just as Ardus Ix’Erebus has had centuries to perfect his battlefield tactics, he’s had immeasurable experience engaging in combat personally, making him one of the most dangerous warriors in Terrinoth. When Ardus joins you as your agent in another campaign, you may flank your opponents with other monsters, cut through their defenses with a forceful blow, or rally your warriors around you to make a single devastating push. Whether Ardus Ix’Erebus fights on the front lines or commands from afar, he’s undoubtedly one of the greatest assets available to you.

Out of the Mistlands

Evil is rising in the Mistlands of Terrinoth. Waiqar’s legions are stirring once more. As the overlord, you can use these lieutenants to perpetrate your evil across the realm of Terrinoth. Look for these three Lieutenant Packs at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2015:

  • Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack
  • Zarihell Lieutenant Pack
  • Ardus Ix’Erebus Lieutenant Pack

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