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New Star Wars: The Card Game FAQ and Tournament Rules are Now Available

While the rest of our OP-supported games will be updated next week, the Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ and tournament rules are arriving a little early to ensure an enjoyable environment for the remainder of 2015 Regional Championship season.

Be sure to read the new FAQ (pdf, 1.4 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 1.4 MB) before heading out to your next Regional Championship.


These changes go into effect immediately.

A Word from the Developers

Hello Star Wars: The Card Game players!

The 2015 Regional season is in full swing and Gen Con and National Championships are fast approaching. We wanted to take this time to update the FAQ and Tournament Rules to make sure that these events are the best that they can be.

Lately, there have been concerns about the metagame and the current dominance of Jedi faction decks. In order to promote a healthy, fun environment, we have chosen to issue some surgical errata as well as update the
restricted list.


We are adding the May the Force Be With You (Join Us or Die, 112) and The Master's Domain (Between the Shadows, 128) objective sets to the restricted list. The combination of having four Yodas in a deck, along with Yoda, You Seek Yoda (Join Us or Die, 0570), has proven to be a very strong cornerstone on which to build a Jedi faction deck. By separating these two objective sets we hope to encourage a bit more diversity in Jedi decks going forward.

Secondly, the Training Procedures (Evasive Maneuvers, 154) and The Hunter’s Flight (Attack Run, 160) objective sets have been added to the restricted list. The Training Procedures objective (Evasive Maneuvers, 0759) combined with the Pilot  Boba Fett (Attack Run, 0789) creates a very unhealthy interaction. With the objective out, Boba Fett is capable of capturing every light side unit that meets his criteria for a very low cost. This combo can be set up very early and is very hard to stop once it gets
in place. For this reason, we are making sure these two sets cannot be
used together.

Thirdly, the following card errata have been issued:

  • We have clarified the wording on The Secret of Yavin 4 (Core Set, 0144) so that it is consistent with the way players understand how the effect works.
  • For both Native Support (It Binds All Things, 0592) and Asteroid Base (Darkness and Light, 0614), we have added a “Limit once per turn” to rein in these effects from getting out of hand through repetitive use.
  • Journey Through the Swamp (Between the Shadows, 0647) and Jubba Bird (Between the Shadows, 0648) have proven an amazing support set for Jedi decks, and these two cards are being adjusted so that the rest of the field can compete with this deck.
  • Desperation (Draw Their Fire, 0730) was primarily being used on the dark side player’s turn after his deployment phase. This use created an un-interactive state where the dark side player had no chance to close a game out after the Death Star dial reached 8. We have changed Desperation so that it can only be used on the light side player’s turn to prevent this.

Lastly, a few clarifications have been added to the Game Play section outlining the behavior of enhancements that attach to other cards as well as how to deal with units that change control during an engagement.

Tournament Rules

For the Tournament Rules, we have updated the Deck Check Procedure to further outline the judge’s options for dealing with illegal decks found within a tournament. Clarification for the strength of schedule calculation for FFG’s tournament software, TOME, has been added for those events using the software during its beta test.

Finally, during the double-elimination rounds, we have made a small tweak to the deck selection rules. For each round after the first, if both players have played the same deck the least number of times, they will randomly determine which player plays each side (light side or dark side), rather than the higher seed choosing for all ties throughout the elimination bracket.

We hope to see many of you at the North American National Championship at Gen Con 2015!


Erik Dahlman
Nate French

Thanks Erik!

Don’t be an average citizen unaware of galactic politics and power. Download the new FAQ and tournament rules today so you can influence the Galactic Civil War for you side!

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