Wrath Is Coming

Wrath of the Gods Is Now Available


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
H.P. Lovecraft

The gods have returned to Earth, and the apocalypse is at hand. Norse gods battle monsters and fire giants, the forces of Nature violently reject technology and human civilization, and Cthulhu himself lumbers out of the Pacific Ocean to shatter the minds of all who look upon him. 

Now, you can take your own place in these apocalyptic events with Wrath of the Gods, now available at your local retailer!

As the second book in The End of the World roleplaying game line created by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey, Wrath of the Gods invites you to play as yourself and use your own skills to survive. As the supernatural extends into the physical world, you’ll come face to face with otherworldly horrors and beings from alternate planes of existence. You must constantly struggle to stay alive if you want to survive the divine anger of the gods!

Supernatural Apocalypse

As with the other books in The End of the World line, Wrath of the Gods invites you and your companions to play as yourselves, using your skills and possessions to survive as long as you can in the apocalypse. You begin the game sitting with your friends around the table, playing a roleplaying game, when the events of a supernatural apocalypse suddenly erupt around you. From there, you’ll navigate the streets of your own town and beyond, fighting hostile animals or hiding from cultists as you gather the supplies you need for survival.

Five distinct scenarios await you in Wrath of the Gods, each offering a different perspective on how supernatural forces might end the world. Cthulhu may rise from his aeons-long sleep in R’lyeh, emerging from the Pacific Ocean and rampaging across the United States, even as Deep Ones and cultists enslave humanity. The long-foretold Mayan apocalypse may come to pass with the return of Quetzalcoatl and the Mayan people. Earth itself may throw off human innovation and technology as plants and animals alike turn against our civilization. The Four Horsemen may ravage the world as the events of Revelation unfold. Finally, the Norse gods may return in Ragnarök, shaking the world with the scale of their conflicts. 

Each of these five scenarios consists of two distinct parts – an apocalypse and a post-apocalypse. The apocalypse is the terror and tumult that occurs when the gods first return to Earth. In these first days and weeks, civilization as we know it collapses. The world may descend into chaos as demons and angels battle for the souls of humanity. Animals may attack humans unceasingly while trees grow to titanic sizes and grind buildings to dust.

After this initial furor has passed however, a new world order begins to arise. In the post-apocalypse, you can experience life in a world that’s been profoundly changed from what existed before. You may spend your days hiding from Deep Ones and Starspawn, launching desperate raids in attempts to free enslaved humans. Alternatively, if you were able to acquit yourself with heroism and honor, you and your friends may reign as hero-kings in the aftermath of Ragnarök. No matter what happens, life in the post-apocalypse is drastically different from your life before.

Adventure and Horror at the End of the World

Whichever scenario you play, wherever you live in the world, the Wrath of the Gods roleplaying book offers dozens of adventures in the chaos of a supernatural apocalypse. Enter the end times, and pick up your copy of Wrath of the Gods at your local retailer today!

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